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First Pinot Noir from cool new area in Chile

Chilean wine producer Casa Silva has launched a second 100% Paredones grown wine – the Casa Silva Cool Coast Pinot Noir 2011.

The first wine produced from grapes grown in this new vineyard location in the Colchagua Valley was a Sauvignon Blanc, launched three years ago.

The cool coastal origin adds a refreshing, pleasant acidity, soft tannins and an elegant long finish, while the unique soils of Paredones lend a distinctive minerality to the wine.

Just 7km from the Pacific Ocean, this 60-hectare vineyard was established as part of the Silva family’s dedication to identifying the best terroirs within the Colchagua Valley for producing world-class wines. The sub-valley’s cool climate is tempered by its proximity to the Ocean were daytime temperatures fluctuate from 8°C to 25°C during high season, thus helping to preserve the natural aromatic flavours and acidity of the grapes.

Mario Geisse, technical director of Casa Silva, comments: “The Colchagua Valley has a global reputation for the quality of its red wines from Carmenère, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Merlot. However we were determined to find a new vineyard area with the right soil and climate to produce ‘cool climate’ wine styles, and we are delighted with the results. The proximity of the Ocean to the vineyards tempers the daytime temperatures, which vary from 8°C to 25°C during high season, helping to preserve the natural aromatic flavours and acidity of the grapes which is clearly reflected in our Pinot Noir.”

The Cool Coast Pinot Noir will be distributed through Jackson Nugent Vintners and will retail at approximately £15.

11 June 2013 - Felicity Murray