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Three new liqueurs to challenge mixologists

Joseph Cartron, the French distiller, will introduce a collection of tea liqueurs at Vinexpo next week. The new T labels are aimed mixologists and the bar world looking for something a little more ‘off-beat’.

The collection, comprising three very different tea liqueurs, will be presented at ‘Cocktail Spirit’ and ‘Vinexpo 2013’, together with a cocktail card of six cocktails that have “unusual and elegant notes” created by the globetrotting mixologist Joseph Akhavan..

Judith Cartron, president of the Joseph Cartron Company, descibed the differences between the three T liqueurs:

The Joseph Cartron Thé Rooibos Liqueur is produced from a selection of the best bark from the South African Rooibos shrub, which gives it an “unctuous and spicy personality”.

Joseph Cartron Thé Noir Fumé Liqueur is made from the Gold Imperial variety of the Lapsang Souchong tea plant using young leaves smoked with Spruce then mixed when drying with Jasmin flowers.

Joseph Cartron Thé Vert Maté Liqueur, also called Yerba Mate or Jesuists’ tea, has, allegedly, stimulating virtues. It comes from the Brazil and Argentina from shrubs planted by the Indian Guaranis.

Joseph Cartron’s colourful labels, designed by Jean-Marc Larhantec, BiggerBand Agency, underline the brand image but also define and differentiate the character and authenticity of each of the flavours.

14 June 2013 - Felicity Murray