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Malibu & Sparkling Pineapple arrives in cans

Malibu, the coconut flavoured rum, is adding to its can portfolio with the release of a sparkling pineapple variant this summer. Addressing two customer preferences in one product – pineapple flavour and sparkling drinks –the new Malibu & Sparkling Pineapple can will be hitting shelves this month.

The flavour development has come as a direct result of Malibu listening to its Facebook fans who name pineapple as one of their favourite mixers to use when drinking the Malibu. Consumer research revealed that 35% of consumers will drink Malibu in this way, making it the third most popular mixer after coke and lemonade.

A teaser campaign and on-going Facebook activity will support the launch, which comes just in time for the key summer trading period.

Patrick Venning, marketing director at Pernod Ricard UK, comments: “The introduction of the new Malibu & Sparkling Pineapple can taps into multiple trends amongst Malibu’s target audience. This new variant gives a fresh reason for both consumers and retailers to engage with the brand, and responds to direct feedback from Malibu’s loyal fans. We listen and take on board feedback from our audience and we endeavour to create exciting, innovative drinks that will appeal to our target group while helping retailers to boost their premix sales. We are confident this will become a key drink of choice over summer.”

4 July 2013 - Felicity Murray