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New Spanish brandy from Pernod Ricard

Domecq 1820 is a premium Solera Reserva brandy from Spain that is being launched by Pernod Ricard UK in a bid to refresh and draw new consumers to the category.

Valued at around £190m, the brandy category is presently dominated by French brands; however, research shows these are experiencing a value decline while non-French brandies are seeing value growth of +14%.

With over 200 years of brandy-making expertise, Domecq 1820 has a rich heritage. Produced and aged for two years in American Oak in Malaga and bottled in Manzanares (La Mancha), this brandy has notes of warm candied fruits and caramel.

Targeted at older male 50+ consumers, Domecq 1820 is packaged in a modern and contemporary 50cl bottle.

“Domecq 1820 is a credible Spanish brandy that stands out thanks to its unique blend of heritage and modern and contemporary packaging,” explains Vicky Wood, head of marketing for Pernod Ricard UK.

“Recent research amongst our 50-67 year old ABC 1 target consumers shows that they are ready to welcome a new brandy from Spain, merging tradition and expertise with modern cues. We are confident that Domecq will be welcomed by our brandy-loving consumers looking for something new.”

Hitting shelves from October with an RRP of £14.00 for a 50cl bottle, the launch has been timed to capitalise on the increase in consumption of premium branded spirits throughout the Christmas period.

6 August 2013 - Felicity Murray