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Absolut Amber: a transformative new product

Absolut challenges the status quo with Absolut Amber; taking the essence of Absolut vodka and adding a rich, complex character from gently roasted oak wood. The company says Absolut Amber is “a transformative new product” that breaks down the traditional boundaries of white and dark spirits.

“Absolut Amber has been crafted for those who are not afraid to break rules and are looking to engage their senses in a deeper encounter with Absolut,” says Mathias Westphal, global brand director The Absolut Company.

The new vodka has been created by exposing the original Absolut to a variety of different Swedish, American and Bourbon oak types to produce a barrel-aged spirit which is blended with oak macerated spirits.

This gives Absolut Amber its natural amber colour and mellow, oaky taste while retaining the quality and smoothness of its original form. “The result is an exceptional drinking experience that transcends the traditional distinction between white and dark spirits”.

 “While experimenting with resting Absolut in oak, we explored various methods of barrel-aging, types of oak, and ways to use macerations, before landing on the perfect blend,” says Master Blender Per Hermansson.

Absolut has collaborated with imagineering studio, Zeitguised, to launch Absolut Amber, using a series of motion graphics that draw heavily from fashion photography, sculpture, installation and architectural set design. The result is an original visual metaphor that captures transformation from ‘pure’ into something with more character; using oak as the catalyst of change.

Absolut Amber is 40% alcohol by volume (80 proof). Absolut Amber is available in Panama Travel Retail and selected on-premise venues and, from this week, will be in North America Travel Retail in JFK Int. Airport, Miami Int. Airport and Dallas Int. Airport. Other markets to be confirmed.

3 September 2013 - Felicity Murray