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Gin brand returns to the UK

This October marks the return of Boodles Gin, a premium British gin, back to home turf. The gin has always been distilled and produced in the UK, however the brand has never previously been available to UK consumers, having only been distributed to the US and Japanese markets. Sample tastings are taking place at Selfridges department stores in London and Manchester throughout October, and the gin will be launched nationwide at Sainsbury’s supermarkets on October 5th at an RRP of £22.

Boodles Gin was established in 1845, obtaining its namesake from the Boodles Club, a gentleman’s private hang out in St. James’s London, which was founded by Edward Boodles in 1762. The gin was previously distilled exclusively for the club, with notable members including Ian Fleming and Winston Churchill. Churchill was reputed to be a strong advocate for Boodles Gin.

Boodles Gin, 40%ABV, interestingly contains no citrus, obtaining its unique flavour from nine botanicals; sage, rosemary and coriander, which provide a citrusy taste, as well as nutmeg, angelica root and seed, cassia bark and caraway. The taste is clean, crisp with no real burn and understated notes of juniper.

Boodles Gin is produced according to the London Dry Gin production standards by G&J Greenall in Warrington, and under license from Proximo Spirits. The neutral spirit is distilled from wheat and re-distilled in a traditional copper pot still.

The Boodles Gin bottle is a classic, stylish square bottle of 70cl, taking its inspiration from the original Boodles Gin bottle, which shared its simple, clean lined shape. With a silver screw cap, and the Boodles Gin logo embossed on side, the bottle is finished with the royal blue Boodles Gin label, which proudly displays the Boodles Gin name in crisp white. The bottle’s dimensions are 213mm x 111mm x 58mm.

Boodles Gin is also available at the following venues: Dukes Hotel, The Gilbert Scott, Kensington Place, Star At Night - Gin Club, the Ivy Club, Soho House Group, Grand Union Bars, ETM Group, Shaker & Co, Hidden Door, Graphic, Balthazar, Port House, Barworks 5CC, Oliver Conquest, 3 Kings, Bar Music Hall and The Haggerston.

A classic serve for Boodles Gin is the Kiss Kiss Bang Bang winner of Gin Stock 2013, a sweet fruity cocktail with Boodles Gin, lemon grass, thyme, juniper, apple juice, pineapple and lemon.

Of the new listings, Rob Curteis, head of marketing at Proximo Spirits UK comments, 'We're really excited to be launching Boodles Gin in Selfridges and nationwide at Sainsbury's, two great British institutions hosting a future British classic. Boodles Gin, like Selfridges and Sainsbury's, was born in Britain so it's great to see it finally hitting the shop shelves here.'

30 September 2013 - Felicity Murray The Drinks Report, editor