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Christmas wrapping for Drambuie

Drambuie has introduced its first limited-edition bottle for the Christmas season.

The bottle, available in 70cl size, is the first of its kind and will go on sale in the UK, Greece, Malta and Bulgaria. The bottle is shrinkwrapped in a striking black and white zig-zag pattern, inspired by Drambuie’s ‘A Taste of the Extraordinary’ marketing campaign which illustrates an infinite, moonlit, monochrome landscape with bottle and amber liquid emphasised in sharp relief.

The new bottle is available from this month and has an RRP of £25.

Tim Dewey, global marketing director commented: “The ‘A Taste of the Extraordinary’ campaign was designed to take Drambuie in a bold new direction to attract a new generation of drinkers. The unveiling of this limited-edition bottle takes the campaign one step further to captivate drinkers with a distinctive new look, submerging them further into the mysterious and complex world of Drambuie.”

Drambuie is a blend of the Scotch whisky, spices, and heather honey. The recipe was created more than 260 years ago exclusively for Prince Charles Edward Stuart of Scotland. Drambuie has always been produced in Scotland. It was first produced at The Broadford Hotel on the Isle of Skye and in 1909 production was taken to Edinburgh. Chosen by the cellars of Buckingham Palace, the House of Lords and sent to the British Army during two World Wars, Drambuie quickly gained popularity.

In 1950s America, Drambuie became synonymous with the classic cocktail favoured by the Rat Pack - The Rusty Nail. Today Drambuie is enjoyed neat, over ice and as a long refreshing drink mixed with ginger beer. The new Drambuie 15 Year Old is a whisky connoisseur’s expression of Drambuie, best sipped and savoured neat or over ice.


30 October 2013 - Felicity Murray The Drinks Report, editor