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St-Rémy liqueur creates a buzz in duty free

Rémy Cointreau Global Travel Retail has launched a honey-flavoured French liqueur. St-Rémy with French Honey is a blend of pure and natural honey, “made by bees which have collected their nectar from sun-warmed meadows in southern France”, combined with St-Rémy French Brandy.

The result, according to Martine Pain, St-Rémy cllar master, is “a highly refined liqueur characterised by malted, flowery, woody and fruity notes.

In appearance the liqueur is clear and bright with the amber and gold hues of aged brandy. On the nose St-Rémy with French Honey reveals the characteristic aromas of Provence honey, combined with subtle floral and woody notes from the blend with St-Rémy Brandy. The softness of the dried fruit aromas gives it wonderful roundness, but with a gentle strength.

On the palate the blend of honey and eau-de-vie provides St-Rémy with French Honey with its excellent taste balance. The harmony created by combining dried fruit and woody notes delivers a unique sweetness and makes this liqueur easy to taste. It is free of any syrupy effect and its perfectly balanced sugar content allows it to achieve wonderful length in the mouth.

St- Rémy with French Honey is designed to be drunk as a shot or with a mixer such as cola in a long refreshing drink. A range of cocktails have already been inspired by the new liqueur including the Beekeeper’s Cooler combining St-Rémy with French Honey with fresh lemon juice, ginger ale and a sprinkling of fresh raspberries.

St- Rémy with French Honey 70cl (30% ABV) is presented in a clear bottle, to reveal its golden colour, which is decorated with bees, lilies and lavender flowers.

Rémy Cointreau GTR has created for the launch of St-Rémy with French Honey a full merchandising platform, including displays shaped like beehives and push carts reminiscent of a traditional village market in southern France, all under the “Honeystly French, Honeystly Delicious” tagline for the campaign.

13 November 2013 - Felicity Murray The Drinks Report, editor