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Camus marks 150yrs with Elegance redesign

Camus, the largest independent Cognac house to remain within the founding family, is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year with the launch of a new clean-cut design for its Elegance range.

"Elegance not only defines our cognacs but also how they are best enjoyed – the refinement and harmony of our blends and the pleasure of the tasting experience," says president Cyril Camus

In the world of cognac, creating a brand in 1863 was daring. In 2005, designing a ‘range’ - a succession of cognacs of different ages, brought together under the name Elegance and bottled in a minimalist design that ignored the traditional codes of cognac - was another. Cyril was the creator of this collection.

From a selection of wines from different crus in the Cognac AOC region, the eaux-de-vie are obtained after a slow and gradual double distillation - exclusively in a small Charentais pot still (25hl), which is the ideal size to develop the aromatic richness desired. It is at the stage known as the “bonne chauffe” (the right heating), that is extracted the heart of what is to give the cognacs in the Elegance range all their subtleness, aided by patience, time and precision in the cellar - during an ageing process that is as gentle as it is controlled -in seasoned casks with low tannin content.

The Elegance of a design

A high level of precision, great refinement and very close attention to detail have gone into creating the design, the packaging and the whole atmosphere of the new Elegance range, with each bottle bearing the signature of Cyril Camus.

The new gift boxes depict the outline of the Château du Plessis, home of the Camus family, with its stained-glass dome. The bunch of grapes symbolizes where this family of winegrowers comes from, the land that imparts to the cognac its distinctive aromas.

In an impactful, clear new design, the iconic Camus cloverleaf is now engraved into the glass bottles of Elegance VS and VSOP, as a reminder of the first bottles sold in 1863 and the importance of all the hard work from one generation to the next.

Each bottle has a screw cap and a unique QR code, serving both as an anti-counterfeiting traceability system and providing consumers with an opportunity to further their knowledge and experience in real-time via a direct link to

It is a light-coloured and slightly iridescent label that the House has chosen for the youngest cognac in the range – the fresh and vibrant VS – made from a selection of wines from different crus that present distinct aromatic potential, slowly double-distilled exclusively in 25hl-capacity Charentais pot stills. Although the bottle is the same as for the VSOP, with the cloverleaf embossed in the glass and the pagoda-shaped cap, the atmosphere is brighter to evoke the freshness of this cognac. The VSOP has a darker label but is still bright with a metallic finish.

For the XO blend, which has additional finesse and ageing potential, white and gold are combined to illustrate the synthesis between the freshness of the vine’s primary aromas and the maturity of careful ageing.

Extra Elegance is the most exceptional cognac in the range, having received numerous awards, both for the richness and subtlety of its aromas, as for the outline of its innovative and timeless decanter. This blend is composed of eaux-de-vie mainly from the Borderies, Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne areas, selected for their superb ageing potential and complementary richness. Maturation in cool cellars with a high humidity level has helped to emphasise their roundness, intensity and finesse.

House of Camus employs 550 people today across eight countries, in three continents and has subsidiaries in China and the US as well as offices in Russia, Vietnam and Hong Kong.


17 December 2013 - Felicity Murray The Drinks Report, editor