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Citadelle’s new bottle tells the gin’s story

Cognac Ferrand has introduced new packaging for its small batch, copper pot distilled, Citadelle Gin.

The inspiration for the new blue fluted bottle with copper accents came from vintage blue siphon seltzer bottles and visual cues tell the Citadelle gin story.

“Citadelle Gin has such an interesting history that we wanted to make sure the story came through on the bottle,” says Alexandre Gabriel, proprietor of Cognac Ferrand and creator/producer of Citadelle. “After Cognac, gin is my passion and this gin makes the pot stills sing long after Cognac distillation is finished. We thought that the bottle and the description of our craft ON the bottle should be as beautiful as the craft INSIDE the bottle.”

The copper accents and the copper pot still illustration refer to the copper pot stills used to distill Citadelle. Citadelle is the only gin distilled in small, Charentais copper pot stills, the same ones used to make the company’s famed Pierre Ferrand Cognac.  

The words ‘distilled with time’ mean that it takes time to make Citadelle because it is pot distilled (not column) in Charentais copper pot stills one small batch at a time – a method that imparts a smooth and creamy texture. In addition, Citadelle uses a cold infusion process to infuse each botanical into the gin, which takes a week.

The second statement on the label – ‘naked flame distillation’ –denotes that Citadelle is distilled in these Cognac pot stills over a naked flame, making it the only gin that uses this technique. Distilling gin on an open flame requires a deft touch and far more attention than a column still or steam distillation, which is otherwise used. The naked flame concentrates flavours and releases more essential oils giving Citadelle a creamier texture and bigger mouthful.

The ‘1775 Distillerie Royale’ medallion on he bottle pays tribute to Alexandre Gabriel’s years of research which brought to light that the first patented French Genièvrerie was established in 1775 by decree of King Louis XVI. Forgotten for hundreds of years, Gabriel’s exploration uncovered Citadelle’s original recipe.

Images of the 19 botanicals infused in Citadelle encircle the foot of the bottle. Citadelle is the only gin infused with this combination of botanicals, which enhance the juniper and create a sophisticated, juniper-forward London Dry Gin.

Citadelle Gin is elegant, soft and smooth on the palate, with a long finish that expresses its aromatic complexity to the fullest. At 44% alcohol by volume (88 proof), Citadelle achieves the perfect balance between intensity and finesse. Its taste has won many awards.

Citadelle Gin is available in the US, Europe (UK, Spain, Italy, Germany), Asia (Japan, Malaysia, Thailand) and Canada.  The new packaging is currently being rolled out in Europe and is expected to reach the US in early 2014. Citadelle Gin and barrel-aged Citadelle Reserve Gin are imported to the US by Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits RRP US$24.99/750ml and US$31.99/1 litre.

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21 January 2014 - Felicity Murray The Drinks Report, editor