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New vodka and redesign for Blackwoods spirits

Inspired by the nature and rugged landscape of the Shetland Isles, London brand design agency ButterflyCannon has redesigned the identity and packaging design for the Blackwoods range: a 40%abv Vintage Dry Gin and 60%abv Superior Vintage Dry Gin; plus a new product – a 40%abv five times distilled Premium Vodka infused with Shetland botanicals (see story below).

The redesign features a detailed wind-swept tree illustration, created using a variety of the botanicals that are used to infuse the spirits. Sea pink, marsh marigold and meadowsweet are but a few of these wild botanicals that vary with each season, giving the vintage distillation its flavour signature.

The new identity was created to reflect the spirits’ heritage and vintage status, with the year highlighted on the front label. Made with sustainably foraged Shetland ingredients, Blackwoods claims to be “the world’s only spirits whose ingredients are hand-gathered”.

Jon Davies, creative director ButterflyCannon says: “The hand picked botanicals from the Shetland Isles are integral to the gin’s story. It seemed only natural to make this charming and original detail the focus of the new logo we developed.”

The die-cut foil labels give the brand a unique identity, creating a beautifully rugged landscape where the back labels are visible through the bottles. The reflective quality of the substrate with the layers of vibrant colour ensures that this packaging stands out from the competition.

Kate Alexander, marketing manager of brand owner Blavod Wines and Spirits adds: “We are thrilled with the new look for Blackwoods and the strong visual links to its heritage. ButterflyCannon were never afraid to experiment with materials and finishes to achieve this wonderful result.”

Pictured below is how the bottle and label looked before the redesign

Blackwoods release redeveloped vodka infused with botanicals

Blackwoods, best known for its gin, has released of its redeveloped vodka, Blackwoods Botanical Vodka. Blavod Drinks states the new taste is aimed to intrigue vodka drinkers, adding a new depth of flavour to what is a usually considered a plain spirit.

The botanical vodka is created from undergoing a bonification process after distillation. This process involves infusing the vodka with botanicals to create a smooth and rounded taste. This method is rarely used in the production of vodka however Blavod states this technique adds a complexity of flavours to the taste.

The adding of botanicals causes the vodka to produce aromas and flavours that make it differ from other brands. The botanicals used to infuse their vodka are the same Shetland botanicals used in the 40% gin and 60% gin. These include Sea Pink, Marsh Marigold, Meadow Sweet and Angelica – all handpicked in the Shetland between May and July.

Kate Alexander says: “We’re really excited about the new Blackwoods Botanical Vodka, the added depth from the bonification process gives it a really interesting taste you can’t find anywhere else and vodka drinkers can enjoy it neat. We expect this, coupled with the new packaging, to cause a rise in sales in the UK and export markets”.

Blackwoods Botanical Vodka will be released in the UK in early February 2014 retailing at £24.50. The vodka will be exported globally.

28 January 2014 - Felicity Murray The Drinks Report, editor