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Jacobs Creek launches new logo and new wines

Pernod Ricard owned Australian wine producer, Jacob’s Creek, has a new logo which will appear on all the brand’s advertising and packaging, including the Classics, Reserves, Sparkling and Cool Harvest ranges, from March 2014. 

The Jacob’s Creek logo has been unchanged since it was launched in 1976. The new brand identity has a contemporary look and feel, which unites the whole portfolio under a single visual identity, while staying true to the brand’s history and heritage. The result is fresh yet still readily recognisable as Jacob’s Creek.

The brand’s evolution is supported by significant consumer research undertaken over the past 12 months in key markets including the UK, revealing that consumers wanted to know more about the brand story. The strategic changes have been developed to speak to the more contemporary audience but will only apply to the look of Jacob’s Creek - consumers can continue to expect the same wines.

As the packaging design becomes more contemporary, consumers will become aware of the change via a marketing campaign including advertising, in-store, POS and digital activity. 

The new icon visually communicates the story behind Jacob’s Creek. The two vine leaves represent the vineyard that the winery’s founder Johann Gramp planted on the banks of Jacob’s Creek in 1847. Between the vine leaves flows the creek itself, from its humble beginnings to the flourishing stream that ultimately fills a wine glass. The label will further acknowledge the winemaking legacy of the Gramp family with the addition of the ‘Gramp & Sons’ signature.

Lucy Bearman, head of marketing for Jacob’s Creek, explains: “Since 1976, Jacob’s Creek has been continuously growing within the UK and globally, and is one of the leaders in the market in terms of innovation. This is an exciting phase for us as this is the first time in 38 years that we have made a major change to the Jacob’s Creek logo. Our new brand icon will allow us to have a single premium, contemporary look across our whole portfolio and will enhance our connection with modern consumers. This brand refresh will help Jacob’s Creek to remain a recognisable leading Australian wine throughout the UK and globally.” 

New varietals launched

Jacob’s Creek is also launching two new wines developed in response to the growing consumer interest in alternative, international varietals.  Jacob’s Creek Classic Fiano 2013 and Jacob’s Creek Classic Sangiovese 2012 will be available in the UK from March, both with an RRP of £8.05.

The new varietals are the result of the winery’s vineyard nursery programme, established over 20 years ago in order to experiment with the behaviour of Italian, Spanish and Portuguese varietals in an Australian climate. The intense flavour and varietal popularity of Fiano and Sangiovese marked them as stand-out wines with huge potential, leading to their launch as the newest additions to the Jacob’s Creek range.

Bernard Hickin, chief winemaker at Jacob’s Creek, says: “Some years ago we planted 12 new varieties, including many from Mediterranean regions such as Italy, Spain and Portugal. We followed their progress carefully and noted that these two Italian favourites in particular were a natural fit for Australia, and capable of producing excellent quality fruit.

“The winemaking team is incredibly proud that two experimental varietals from the nursery have gone on to produce such attractive, flavoursome and varietally-distinctive wines - we look forward to seeing these two make their own mark within the Jacob’s Creek portfolio.”

Bearman explains: “These new wines have been specially crafted in response to current consumer interest. The varietal is a key factor when consumers make purchasing decisions and, as Italian varietals are very popular with the UK consumer, we believe these two new varietals will strongly appeal to the brand’s target audience.”


3 February 2014 - Felicity Murray The Drinks Report, editor