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Global campaign for Aberlour whisky unveiled

Chivas Brothers, the Scotch whisky and premium gin business of Pernod Ricard, is launching a global marketing campaign to promote its artisanal Speyside single malt, Aberlour, through digital activity, PR and advertising.

The new campaign, which highlights the artisanship behind the whiskies and the personality of the Aberlour brand, aims to attract the growing legion of discerning single malt whisky fans that are driving growth of the global super premium malt category.

Nikki Burgess, international brand director for Aberlour at Chivas Brothers, says: “Aberlour has enjoyed great success to date in a number of key malt markets and especially in France where it retains its position as the No. 1 single malt in the market. So with the global appetite for crafted single malt whiskies showing no sign of abating, we feel it’s the right time to bring Aberlour to a wider audience. We believe the new campaign really brings the charm of the distillery and the skills of our master distiller to life and we are confident that it will resonate with discerning malt drinkers around the world who are looking for enriching, authentic and unique whisky experiences.”

A new brand logo has been created to reinforce Aberlour’s core values of skilled craftsmanship and prestige. The updated emblem depicts the mineral elements that come together to craft Aberlour; fresh water from Speyside’s Birkenbush springs and an oak tree to denote Aberlour’s signature sherry cask style and the Ancient roots to its location.

In the new advertising campaign, a bottle of Aberlour is featured with a prominent shadow that emphasises its distinctive and instantly recognisable shape, suggestive of the deep layers of complexity and craftsmanship found throughout the Aberlour range. Optimised for print, out of home and online, the campaign features the tagline, Made From Experience, representing the wisdom that is earned with time.

A new PR campaign has also been launched to explore the craft behind Aberlour’s award winning quality. The first instalment features a series of super-macro images commissioned from David Maitland, one of the world’s foremost nature photographers, charting the journey of the whisky’s creation.  They take in microscopic views of the rock, water and wood used in the whisky-making process, such as the granite mountain from where the distillery takes its spring water, the oak staves from specially selected casks in which the whisky is matured, and finally uncovering never-before-seen glimpses of the single malt itself. The campaign will be leveraged globally and locally through PR and refreshed social media channels.

A new website ( has been revealed to bring to life the Aberlour legend, exploring the history of its location from the era of the druids through to the Middle Ages, before the distillery’s creation in 1879. It also highlights Aberlour’s visitor tours, which are aimed at beginners, enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike, and the craftsmanship that has remained at the heart of the brand since James Fleming created it in the 19th Century.

Pictured below: Photographer David Maitland has developed a series of photographs providing a glimpse of the enigma of Aberlour whisky through its components and craft. At 200x magnification this photograph of Aberlour’s hand-crafted A’bunadh shows crystals bursting with sweet flavour originating from the specially selected ex-sherry casks. Like each batch of A’bunadh, this image is unique, as this was captured just as the crystal began to grow


17 February 2014 - Felicity Murray The Drinks Report, editor