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Rémy Martin unveils two duty-free exclusives

The House of Rémy Martin will unveil this spring the first two expressions in a new collection of Fine Champagne Cognac, which will be exclusive to global travel retail.

The Rémy Martin Cellar Master's Selection celebrates the aromatic diversity of the various ageing cellars at its Domaine de Merpins in Cognac, France, each of which has its own characteristics that imbue the spirit with specific aromatic notes.

Setting out to celebrate the unique aromatic style of two particular cellars, Cellar Master Pierrette Trichet has created Rémy Martin Prime Cellar Selection Cellar N°16, a powerful cognac with intense vanilla notes, and Rémy Martin Reserve Cellar Selection Cellar N°28, a silky cognac with rich candied fruit notes.

Both of the new coupes are Fine Champagne cognacs from the prestigious crus of Petite and Grande Champagne, which form the essential identity of all Rémy Martin cognacs.

The Domaine de Merpins houses 29 ageing cellars each of which is unique and gives a very specific aromatic signature to the eaux-de-vie. Some have a multi-tiered layout while others are underground and thus temperatures and humidity levels vary from one cellar to another.

Rémy Martin Prime Cellar Selection Cellar N°16 is based on the eaux-de-vie of a particular cellar situated within the estate’s vineyards. The ageing process begins with an initial period in new casks. As the air is warmer in the upper tiers of the cellar, the interaction between the casks and the eaux-de-vie is heightened, giving rise to intense vanilla notes.

Rémy Martin Reserve Cellar Selection Cellar N°28 is derived from an underground cellar that has always been the Cellar Masters’ ultimate reserve for the finest eaux-de-vie, housing the treasures with the greatest ageing potential. These eaux-de-vie are able to benefit from the cellar’s almost constant humidity and temperature levels, which together provide perfect ageing conditions. Using mostly old casks is essential, as they confer silky notes of candied fruit to the eaux-de-vie and create a truly exceptional cognac.

To celebrate the unique aromatic style of Cellar N°16 and Cellar N°28, our Cellar Master meticulously selected from our other cellars similar eaux-de-vie from which to craft these two new cognacs

Stephanie Ancel, international marketing director, Rémy Martin says: “This new range aims to highlight the expertise and art of blending of the Cellar Masters at the House of Rémy Martin. It also celebrates the fantastic aromatic diversity of the Domaine de Merpins, home to the ageing cellars for our eaux-de-vie, which have been accumulating there since 1724. Rémy Martin Prime Cellar Selection Cellar N°16 and Rémy Martin Reserve Cellar Selection Cellar N°28 draw on the idea of selecting eaux-de-vie from specific cellars which have very particular aromatic notes.

“Today’s cognac consumers are generally very well informed and like to understand the history and creation process of the drinks they consume. At Rémy Martin we believe the consumer will grasp quickly that these cognacs are created on the initiative of the Cellar Master at the House of Rémy Martin and are crafted to underline a unique aromatic profile.”

Matthew Hodges, marketing director global travel retail, Rémy Cointreau says: “The global travel retail market is fast-growing, and our customers are constantly seeking new products, both exclusive and high end, to treat themselves or to purchase as a special gift. With their new cues, in terms of both product and packaging, this new exclusive travel retail range meets perfectly the demands of these travelling consumers.”

Americas travel retail has been selected for the first release of Rémy Martin Prime Cellar Selection Cellar N°16 and Rémy Martin Reserve Cellar Selection Cellar N°28 in April 2014; Europe and Asia GTR will follow in April 2015.

Several other cellars have already been identified by the Cellar Master and are currently being prepared with a view to enhancing the Cellar Master’s Selection in the future.

Rémy Cointreau GTR will exhibit its portfolio of products at the IAADFS Duty Free Show of the Americas from 10th to 12th March 2014.

26 February 2014 - Felicity Murray The Drinks Report, editor