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Case Study: Bombay Sapphire nosing kit

Five years ago Aroma Academy launched the Whisky Nosing Kit and is now recognised by leading whisky producers,  brand ambassadors and whisky connoisseurs.  

Through its various Nosing Kits (whisky, wine, gin and beer), Aroma Academy assists individuals with recognising the aromas found in spirits. Using aroma standard solutions, the academy creates an ‘aroma vocabulary’ for each smell to then form the complex aroma profile of that whisky.

Dr George Dodd, aroma scientist and well known master perfumer spent much time juggling with various molecules to find the very precise aromas that match the whisky profile, a difficult task. With the generic Whisky Nosing Kit completed, Dr Dodd went on to craft a Gin Aroma Kit and is now working towards creating a nosing kit for Vodka, Tequila, Rum and Cognac.

Three years ago Bombay Sapphire approached Aroma Academy to create a branded Gin Aroma Kit.  The generic Gin Aroma Kit encompasses 24 aroma standards from the Gin category each with the prominent Juniper notes in the background. As well as the four independent juniper aroma notes, there are a further 20 botanicals selected, which are echoed in most gins. 

In the branded Bombay Sapphire Aroma Kit, boxed in the deep blue that is synonymous with the Bombay Sapphire brand, there are 12 aromas carefully crafted by Dr Dodd.  Each kit comes complete with a beautifully illustrated booklet, which explains the brand, the category, the aromas and even has a cocktail recipe section at the back.

This branded Gin Aroma Kit makes a perfect corporate gift as well as a training tool specific to the brand.  In addition to these ideas, both the branded and generic Gin and Whisky Aroma Kits make an exciting presentation tool when brand ambassadors are conducting masterclasses or training bartenders.

3 March 2014 - Felicity Murray The Drinks Report, editor