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New look bottle for Havana Club 15YO

Havana Club has given its 15 year old expression a new, more premium, look to reinforce its position in the ultra premium and prestige rum category.

The packaging has evolved to provide maximum shelf stand-out and convey the quality and provenance of Havana Club 15 Year Old, one of the brand’s rarest Cuban rums.

First created by the head of Cuban maestros, Don José Navarro, Havana Club 15 Year Old is crafted through a process of blending and re-ageing rum reserves several times over in old oak casks, resulting in a final blend in which all the rum components are aged at least 15 years. This long and patient ageing process makes Havana Club 15 Year old a very limited release of only 58 barrels a year.

Don José Navarro, says: “Havana Club 15 Year Old represents the brightest elements of Cuban rum: its exceptional quality derived from the unique ageing process provides a softness of tannins and full, fruity notes that create a distinctive aroma and provide the extra smoothness that only a top quality rum can offer.”

The new taller bottle features a more sophisticated label and glass lettering embossed onto the bottle, highlighting Havana Club’s core values of craftsmanship, authenticity and quality. Other new elements to the design include a revised bottle shape, a new modern lid structure and a bottom-weighted glass base to further reinforce its appeal as a premium rum of the highest quality.

The updated design provides a visual link to the other bottle formats within the Havana Club Prestige range, which includes Selección de Maestros and Máximo Extra Añejo. Although each bottle encompasses its own unique identity, the latest re-design demonstrates a sense of uniformity between the three products, reinforcing the message of superior quality across the range.

to lead this trend with the re-launch of this limited edition. Nick Blacknell, International Marketing Director for Havana Club International, comments: “A rum of such outstanding quality and authenticity as Havana Club 15 Year Old deserves packaging that reflects its rich Cuban rum making tradition. The new bottle conveys the importance we place on craft, whilst highlighting the quality of the rum inside and we’re confident it will appeal to true connoisseurs who know how to appreciate a rare and luxurious Cuban rum”.

The new look bottle is available now in Cuba and Australia and will roll out into various markets including Czech Republic, France, Austria, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Cayman Islands, Holland and Sweden by the end of February 2014, with China and Mexico set to follow later this year.

3 March 2014 - Felicity Murray The Drinks Report, editor