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Reyka vodka creates Icelandic Bitters

Redka vodka has released a small first batch of Icelandic Reyka Bitters, comprising just 300 bottles, to UK bars.

After the success of the bitters made in collaboration with Brooklyn Hemispherical Bitters Company, Reyka Vodka was inspired to create a new recipe for the launch of handcrafted Icelandic Reyka Bitters.

Willian Grant & Sons master distiller Lesley Gracie created the limited edition bottling of Icelandic Reyka Bitters from botanicals sourced in Iceland. Foraging and nosing her way through some of Iceland’s purest and most precious resources, Gracie selected some of the country’s best naturally growing ingredients.

Icelandic moss, angelica leaf and crowberry juice create the heart of the Icelandic Reyka Bitters’ flavour, bringing with them a dash of its inventive spirit in every drop. Only a limited 300 bottles are available to the UK, exclusive to the on-trade.

Alongside the new launch, an initial group of bartenders were able to explore their own inventive spirit during a foraging expedition with Reyka’s brand ambassador Joe Petch and make their own bitters. With future foraging expeditions planned, Reyka hopes to continue to inspire bartenders to use their ingenuity to create new and exciting serves.

Speaking about her inspiration to make Icelandic Bitters, Lesley Gracie says: “Icelanders are incredibly resourceful; It’s part of their everyday life. It’s a quality shared by many bartenders who are also inherently creative souls. We wanted to celebrate this shared trait and I believe we have come up with something that inspires them to unleash their imagination in a new way.”

Joe Petch, Reyka’s UK brand ambassador suggests serving Reyka Vodka and Icelandic Reyka Bitters on the rocks. “To get the full effect of both Reyka Vodka and the unique flavour profile of the Icelandic bitters which are driven by the flavours of moss, crowberry and angelica leaf, it’s best to keep it simple. Both have unexpected subtleties and when mixed, come together to form something quite special.”

Bitter Reyka: Pour Reyka on the rocks with 2-3 drops of Icelandic Bitters

3 March 2014 - Felicity Murray The Drinks Report, editor