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New look for Bénédictine and De Kuyper

First Drinks has introduced a new bottle and pack design for two of its liqueur brands. Bénédictine’s new green bottle and De Kuyper’s more modern and stylish shape were showcased yesterday at the Northern Bar and Restaurant Show in the UK.

Bénédictine has undergone a significant change, moving to green glass with a contemporary and cleaner front and neck labels to create more standout on shelf.  While it has evolved, the packaging remains true to the heritage of the brand and maintains some of the cues that have featured on the bottle for the past 150 years.

The new Bénédictine design will be uniform across all global markets and is already being rolled out across the UK.

Meanwhile, De Kuyper has applied a new design to all 43 liqueurs in its range. The bottles keep their bartender-friendly classic long neck, however the shape is sleeker, giving it a more modern look and feel. The front label features higher on the bottle for clearer visibility on the back bar and the De Kuyper name is now embossed on the glass.

The brand has also divided its range into four categories to make product selection easier for bartenders: Essential (the key flavours like Triple Sec and Blue Curacao), Traditional (such as Crème de Cacao White & Dark], Fruit (flavours such as Blackberry, Raspberry & Wild Strawberry that can be used as cocktail modifiers) and Distillers’ Signature (the more experimental flavours like the recently launched Lemongrass, Spicy Chilli and Lapsang Souchong).

Paul Curry, brand manager for both Bénédictine and De Kuyper, comments: “Liqueurs is an ever evolving category and as market leaders, it is important De Kuyper remains relevant and appealing to drinkers and bartenders alike.  By modernising the packaging, we hope to give the individual bottles more of a clear identity when they stand alone on shelf as well as when displayed with other variants in the range.

On Bénédictine, Curry comments: “With Bénédictine, the new packaging gives the brand a uniform look and feel across the globe, while giving the bottle much greater standout in bars and on shelf in retail outlets. We are confident both brands will benefit from their new packaging and help towards the long-term sustained growth of De Kuyper and Bénédictine.”

Non-cream liqueur value sales continue to grow, up 13% in the on-trade*. In the off-trade Non-Cream liqueurs are up 15% and are the second fastest growing category behind spiced rum.**

* CGA data to Nov 30, 2013 (MAT basis)
** Nielsen data to Jan 4, 2014 (MAT basis)


19 March 2014 - Felicity Murray The Drinks Report, editor