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Start up company launches frozen cocktails

A new range of premium frozen cocktails has been launched in the UK by Kold, a new company founded by Nick Sotiropoulos, a 28-year-old Londoner with a background in finance.

Nick explained to that the new KÖLD Cocktails are “mixed to classic well-loved recipes using high-quality, 100% natural ingredients and premium spirits – triple-distilled grain vodka, barrel-aged white run, and orange liqueur”. All the Ingredients (as well as the nutritionals) are listed on the website. “We do not distil these spirits ourselves, but purchase them from specialist bulk alcohol suppliers. Likewise, the fruit juices and extracts are also sourced by third-party companies that specialise in supplying these ingredients.”

“During the product development for each cocktail we tasted many different versions of the cocktails made with ingredients from different suppliers before we decided on which ones to use. The cocktails combine an authentic cocktail experience with effortless convenience.”

Each cocktail is packaged in a single-serve pouch and can be served straight from the freezer into the glass. The products are produced and packaged in the UK, and the first production run was a few weeks ago.

“Making cocktails at home isn’t easy because you need so many different ingredients, it’s time consuming and often the process takes away from the overall enjoyment. We created KÖLD for adults who enjoy well-made cocktails and want to be able to recreate the taste and experience of a ‘bar-served’ cocktail at home, but without any of the hassle.

“By keeping everything authentic and using traditional recipes and premium ingredients such as triple-distilled grain vodka and barrel-aged rum, the taste of KÖLD Cocktails definitely matches what you’d find in a good bar, and because they’re designed to be frozen, serving is easy – you simply take the pouch out of the freezer and pour straight into your glass; you don’t need to add or mix anything and there’s no need for any ice or mess,” he said.

KÖLD Cocktails are available in three classic combinations; Frozen Cosmopolitan, Frozen Mojito and Frozen Lychee Martini, and have a calorie count ranging from only 167 to 200 calories per cocktail.

All cocktails are 8%ABV and available in multipacks of 2 x 225ml pouches with a RRP of £6.50 per multipack, and can be sold either ambient or frozen. KÖLD Cocktails are available for retailers to purchase now.

The packaging was designed by Slice Design, the multipack cartons are made by Glossop Cartons and the pouches by Tenza Technologies. “Our specially-made pouches are unusual, but there’s a great reason why we use them. Not only do they retain flavour and freshness better than any other type of packaging, they can also be frozen, helping you deliver a real ‘bar-served’ cocktail every time.”

22 April 2014 - Felicity Murray The Drinks Report, editor