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Vestal adds blended potato vodka to range

The father and son team behind the Vestal Vodka brand believe that over the past few years through their series of vintage and aged vodkas they have pioneered the growth of a new craft vodka movement. Now Vestal has introduced a new blended potato vodka, which joins the recently added 2013 vintages in the brand's portfolio. This is described as a versatile spirit that, although designed for mixing in all kinds of cocktails, will "truly shine" in a martini.

“We are also now partnering with Maverick Drinks in the UK  to develop our brand in the UK,” says Vestal Vodka brand owner William Borrell. “Maverick Drinks has a wide portfolio of handcrafted spirits and shares many of the same values as we do at Vestal. Their refreshing approach to brand development is creating quite the stir in the drinks industry and they’re the kind of people we love to work with.

“With regards to packaging, all the labels and bottles have been designed and sourced by myself with our goal to produce elegant packaging but, unlike most vodkas, we also concentrate on the liquid inside.”

Vestal vodkas are 40%abv spirits produced from potatoes in Poland. This latest blended potato vodka has an RRP of £24.

The Vestal Vodka Company is a father and son enterprise. William, the son, is based in London while John the father lives permanently in Poland and worries about the weather and potato crops and exactly how the next vintage is going to taste. After producing four different vintages from potatoes grown in different parts of Poland they now know that potato variety, terroir and the way you distil it all make a huge difference to the aroma and taste.

27 May 2014 - Felicity Murray The Drinks Report, editor