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Kleber Matheus gives Passoã festive colours

A festive limited edition of the exotic Passoã liqueur, created in collaboration with designer and art director Kleber Matheus, has burst onto the scene in European travel retail and selected domestic markets.

Passoã is the a passion fruit liqueur – claimed to be the first in the world – which cherishes its Brazilian roots.

Through the new bottle’s jubilant shapes and colours, the consumer can discover Kleber Matheus’ playful, psychedelic universe. The abstract shapes he creates with neon lights echo in Passoã’s new graphic design, with luminous yellow, green and blue triangles against a striking black background.

“I designed this bottle to celebrate Brazil,” commented Matheus. “As you know, 2014 is a very special year for Brazil, so that’s why I was inspired by the flags and by Brazilian culture. My inspiration was ‘neo-concretism’ from Brazil. These movements for me are super-inspiring.

“I used some regional parties from Brazil as inspiration, like Sao João street parties from the north-east of the country. They use little flags to decorate the streets, which is why I used these shapes. Of course, I also used the Brazilian flag as colour inspiration.”

Passoã is a passion fruit liqueur made in France with an alcohol volume of 17%. Its unusual bright red colour gives it an intense, warm appearance and yet it is refreshing in cocktails and long drinks.

On the nose Passoã is subtle yet powerful, with the right dose of alcohol releasing a complex blend of aromatic notes with a dominant passion fruit tone, overlaid with notes of red berries and citrus. The taste is a balance of sweet, acid and bitter flavours combined with the strong fruity aromas that together make Passoã particularly refreshing.

The Passoã by Kleber Matheus Limited Edition is launched this month in selected European domestic locations and, through brand-owner Rémy Cointreau Global Travel Retail, in European travel retail markets. This expression is available in 70cl, 75cl and, in travel retail, one litre sizes.

Passoã Brasil
Fill a shaker with iceand add:
3/10 Passoã
2/10 vodka
5/10 cranberry juice

Passoã Vodka Shot
Pour into a shot glass:
1/2 Passoã
1/2 vodka

About Passoã

In 1985, the Cointreau master distiller travelled to Brazil to find a very specific variety of orange that he needed to make the liqueur. There, he discovered the Passiflora Edulis, an amazing plant that intrigued him with its enticing aromas and singular character. He immediately sensed that the fruit had exceptional qualities and wanted to capture its rich aromas to create a new liqueur.

Back in France, he devoted all of his time to studying the plant, and developed an exciting new recipe with sweet and fruity seductiveness. Passoã was born.

To protect his precious elixir and preserve the secret of its rich colour and secret flavour, he decided to lock it away from the eyes of the world in a black bottle.

28 May 2014 - Felicity Murray The Drinks Report, editor