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Redesign for Heineken beer cans

In the 170 countries were the beer is distributed, the Heineken can is instantly recognizable and it represents a crucial aspect of the brand’s ID. Now, design agency DBOD in Amsterdam has created a new ‘star can' that still enhances all the well-known Heineken design elements of the green racetrack shaped label and the red star but provides greater on-shelf standout.

The red star is an original icon of the brand that has been used from the very beginning and its principle association is described as a “festive, warm and cheerful mood”. To enhance the consumer’s connection with the brand and its quality, sophisticated tactile details are applied on the white elements.

Audrey Schillings, marketing manager, Heineken global duty free explains the strategic thinking: “Contemporary packaging design is crucial for Heineken, as one of the key communicators of the brand’s personality and as the most tangible point of contact with the consumer at the point of purchase. For every major brand it’s important to reflect subtle changes in design from time to time and we are all really excited about the additional on-shelf stand-out the new design brings to Heineken.”

The new can design, which applies to all sizes, will be in western Europe duty free and travel retail channels from this week. Point of sale materials will highlight the new look and feel to consumers with the strapline: ‘More silver outside, same gold inside’.


1 June 2014 - Felicity Murray The Drinks Report, editor