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New embossed black bottle for Brockmans gin

Brockmans gin has been repackaged. Its black bottle has been given a new, tactile surface though the addition of cross-hatched embossing to the glass surface, inset areas for the labels and an embossed signature.

Bob Fowkes, marketing director of Brockmans and one of the founders, says: "Our brand enjoys an exquisitely sensual look. The smooth glossy yet solid black bottle combined with elegant flourishes within the logo and graphics creates an aura of a unique and beautifully made gin. In our desire to constantly enhance this seductive brand communication we have added tactility to our packaging.

"We have developed a new bottle with embossed features included in the body of the bottle. This crosshatch emboss within the black glass provides physical engagement with Brockmans as you pour your personal serve. The uniquely die-cut labels have been inset within the glass, conveying the true craftsmanship of this batch-distilled gin. Significantly, we have carved our Brockmans ‘B' signature into the shoulder of the bottle and set within a cartouche".

The new bottle has been developed by Andy Hill who has been the brand's designer since the conception of Brockmans.

The glass maker is Yorkshire-based Stölzle, a world leader in the supply of specialist glass containers for prestigious drinks.

4 June 2014 - Felicity Murray The Drinks Report, editor