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DJ Limbrey launches D1 London Gin

D.J. Limbrey Distilling Co has brought a daring kick of nettle and contemporary art to a new super-premium London gin. D1 London Gin is launching in the UK with an exclusive six week listing at Harvey Nichols stores and online shop, followed by select bars and clubs including the Ignite Group bars. 

D1 London Gin uses a very narrow cut of triple-distilled spirit in a single batch copper pot distillation with juniper berries, coriander, orange and lemon peel, angelica root, cassia bark, orris, almond, liquorice and nettles selected by a master tea blender. The resulting 40%abv London Dry Gin produces quintessential British flavours and aromas of orange, fruit tea with a juniper backbone, and a distinctive blackcurrant nose that works perfectly with mint as a signature garnish.

The bottle was designed in collaboration with international contemporary artist Jacky Tsai and features his Floral Skull made famous by Alexander McQueen. Tsai’s iconic motif ensures a strong shelf presence and point of sale display. This contemporary art branding is expected to appeal to gin lovers but also other spirits drinkers, notably vodka drinkers. D1 London Gin has an RRP of £39.95.

Saver Glass supply the bottle with a screen printed signature and pressure sensitive reverse printed label for the skull image. 

D1 London Gin is produced by Langley Distillery for D.J. Limbrey Distilling Co., a newly founded business set up by Dominic Limbrey, who has a passion for premium gin and a background in design and production for international markets.

Limbrey says: “We are re-defining super-premium gin by combining traditional British distilling craft with branding based on London couture for people who love gin and those who wouldn’t consider a traditionally or heavily botanical-led gin.  Our innovative design and smooth versatility will enable people around the world to enjoy D1 London Gin in a way that reflects their individual taste and style.  We are delighted to be launching with Harvey Nichols and the Ignite Group in the UK. Their design-focus and premium brands resonate internationally and will support our expansion plans.”

The UK launch of D1 London Gin was hosted by the Ignite Group at Boujis London on May 22nd and featured an exclusive art exhibition and performance by Jacky Tsai

Coe Vintners will be distributing D1 London Gin through other off-trade outlets after the exclusivity with Harvey Nichols ends.  D.J. Limbrey will be launching D1 London Gin in Hong Kong on September 25th at Boujis, and plans to launch in mainland China soon after. It will be distributed by Universal Exports HK and will be available not only from Boujis but other establishments across Hong Kong including Barsmith and Lily and Bloom, as well as for home consumption from Liquor and Liqueur

Bar serves

The London Bar Consultants has created serves that showcase D1 London Gin’s versatility with premium mixers such as fresh fruits, teas and classic ingredients that people around the world can adapt to create a wide range of premium serves. . .

Perfect Serve: D1 London Gin with premium tonic and fresh mint served on the rocks

Sting & Spice Gimlet: D1 London Gin with nettle & black pepper cordial, garnished flowers.

D1 and Pink: D1 London Gin with fresh watermelon, a squeeze of lime and watermelon garnish  

D1 Dry Punch: D1 London Gin, mint leaves, mint infused vermouth, nettle and peppermint cordial. Shake, strain over ice, top with dry cider and dress with mint

D1 and Tea: D1 London Gin poured over frozen jasmine tea and garnished with petals

ClouD1 - Jacky Tsai: Pink foam of vanilla, cardamom & champagne with blue foam of

blueberry, blackcurrant and nettle. ClouD1 dissolves to a signature Jacky Tsai cocktail 

6 June 2014 - Felicity Murray The Drinks Report, editor