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Smirnoff White rolls out in duty-free stores

Diageo has launched Smirnoff White, a super-premium vodka exclusive to travel retail.

Smirnoff White, which has been freeze filtered (chilled to -6°C then passed through charcoal filters) to produce an exceptionally smooth taste, will this week be rolled out to duty-free stores worldwide with an RRP of £21.00 for a 1 litre bottle, 41.3%abv.

The striking, crisp white bottle is designed to reflect the crystalline formations found in arctic ice and highlight the quality of the new vodka. A clear cut-glass base transforms into a smooth, white finish towards the neck of the bottle where the Smirnoff White logo appears, as if etched into a block of solid ice.

Steve White, global marketing director of Diageo global travel and Middle East (GTME), says: “Smirnoff White is a truly exciting vodka which reflects the pioneering spirit of Vladimir Smirnoff. The innovative freeze filtration process guarantees an exceptionally smooth taste, which will appeal to travellers the world over.

“We’ve chosen duty free as the sole global outlet in order to reward travellers who seek unique offerings to enhance their experiences and to serve as a momento of their travels.” Pop up tastings will be held in airports globally.

Smirnoff White is best served neat straight from the freezer or over ice, but can also be enjoyed as part of a cocktail. 

9 June 2014 - Felicity Murray The Drinks Report, editor