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Chris Blackwell Jamaican rum takes off in UK

A new rum is captivating the UK market with its Jamaican soul legacy.

The rum is Blackwell Fine Jamaican Rum – the inspiration of the founder of Island Records, Chris Blackwell. 

Rum runs in the Blackwell family with his grandfather once owning the J Wray & Nephew distillery in Kingston, Jamaica. It was, therefore, a pre-requisite to work with Jamaican master blender Joy Spence of J Wray & Nephew who has crafted a rum that marries the heady traditional ‘heavy pot’ blends and the lighter ‘column still’ rums to create a ‘Black Gold’ rum. Privately owned, Blackwell Rum has been distilled in small batches to ensure it retains an originality that is versatile without compromising on affordability. The rum is bold and full bodied and can ‘holds its own’ with fruit juices, ginger beer and classic cocktails.

Signature cocktails include ‘The GoldenEye’ – a simple combination of Blackwell Rum, pineapple juice and a lime wedge garnish that takes its name from his Goldeneye luxury resort – and ‘The Black & Stormy’, a rum and ginger beer classic that packs a punch.

Although still new to the bar / restaurant / retail scene, the rum has really taken off and can now be found in over 200 bars and restaurants (since March alone it has achieved 36 listings).

16 June 2014 - Felicity Murray The Drinks Report, editor