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Innovation in packaging technology awarded

European Aluminium Foil Association annual awards this year included three innovative drinks packaging applications.

The EAFA this year included a discretionary award – a cross-category award that recognises an exceptionally remarkable achievement, application or design using alufoil, which takes the material to a new level.

The Alufoil Trophy in this category went to Frith’s Flexible Packaging for an outstanding decorative print finish – in this instance applied to a cigar humidor made for Integral Logistics, although it could equally well be applied on luxury drinks boxes. A target market for this new technology. The engraved aluminium foil has been crafted to give a 3D effect on the lid, which creates a unique affect and enhances the point of sale appeal.

The bespoke print and embossing process, known as Dufex, allows brand owners to create a product, which is both individual and affordable. Eight micronfoil laminated with 35gsm wax to 130gsm paper is initially printed using special inks on a lithographic printer. To emboss the printed material, a master engraving of the graphic is hand produced by skilled studio staff, to create the final 3D, almost holographic, effect. Once the alufoil is applied to the humidor box lid it is finished with a high gloss piano lacquer.

Reflecting the unanimous views of the judges Dr Mark Caul, technical manager for packaging at Tesco, who headed the panel, explained, “The process combines both the reflectiveness and malleability of aluminium and demonstrates the unique properties of the material as a decorative medium enabling it to be used to add value to a wide range of products. We were hugely impressed by the five star print quality of this unusual pack, which could only be achieved with alufoil.”

Dufex is a registered process that can be used on both lithographic and label presses, making it available to a wide range of products, allowing producers and retailers to differentiate their products. It has applications in a wide range of markets including point of sale, packaging, security and arts & crafts. Once the master has been produced large-scale production is possible.

David Watson managing director of Frith’s Flexible Packaging comments: “We are delighted to receive this award. This specialist use of aluminium combined with the unique ‘Dufex’ engraving technique demonstrates the diverse applications of aluminium that can be used to both protect and enhance a wide range of packaging products.”

Guala Closers awarded two Alufoil Trophies

The first for the Savin Premium closure – a winning combination of an aluminium outer shell and aluminium inner liner with patented thread, which offers improved sealing as well as enhanced branding opportunities. And the second for the WIT (Wine in Tube) which has been developed as a new packaging concept for quality wines

An in-house innovation, the aluminium closure is dedicated to still wines. The aluminium inner cap, with integral thread, greatly enhances the quality appearance of the closure, as the thread is not visible from the outside, leavingthe large uninterrupted outer surface for decoration -so combining new technology with a modern look. It is suitable for standard glass bottles and can be made in a range of finishes: matt, metallic, satin or gloss. Top decoration can be either printing/foiling or embossing.

The WIT is a ‘totally original merging of materials’ – in this case glass and aluminium – according to the Alufoil Trophy judges.

It is a patented glass tube, sealed with a crimped aluminium closure, suitable for both wine and spirits. Developed by Guala Closures in conjunction with WIT France, the Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique and Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Arts et Métiers, it can fulfil a number of functions. It can be an interesting and original gift pack, a highly distinctive sample, or an unusual and high impact display for retailers.


The Alufoil Trophy is organised by the European Aluminium Foil Association. The competition is open to products that are either made from alufoil or contain alufoil as part of a laminate, structure or packaging system, as well as aluminium closures. Categories cover every aspect of alufoil usage across many diverse markets, particularly those for packaging and technical applications. The classifications are Consumer Convenience; Marketing + Design; Product Preservation; Resource Efficiency; and Technical Innovation. The judges also have discretion to award an Alufoil Trophy for products displaying excellence across a number of categories, or for an outstanding or clever application.


18 June 2014 - Felicity Murray The Drinks Report, editor