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Contemporary new Caribbean rum launches in UK

July will see the launch of The Duppy Share, an independent and premium, golden Caribbean rum crafted from a blend of oak-aged spirits from Jamaica and Barbados.

The Duppy Share is being launched by The Westbourne Drinks Co, a new business founded in London by 'rum adventurer' George Frost and start-up guru Jessica Swinfen, formerly of Innocent Drinks. Inspired by George’s love of the Caribbean, The Duppy Share is a contemporary offering that aims to "bring something completely new to the rum category". It has been created, the company says,  "the perfect golden rum that captures the spirit of the islands while representing a taste of the modern Caribbean". 

The rum is distilled in the Caribbean by fourth generation rum masters and bottled in London. The spirit has a superior flavour profile, combining the bold, tropical fruit flavours of a three year old 100% pot still Jamaican rum with the smooth, oaky notes of a five year old Barbados rum. Old American oak bourbon barrels give the rum a golden tint and add subtle oaky, caramel flavours.

George Frost says: “There’s a real gap in the rum category for a contemporary and premium player that will resonate with a new audience whilst appealing to seasoned fans of the spirit.

“Rum hasn’t undergone the same level of premiumisation as other spirits, and so there is huge growth potential for the category. The Duppy Share will seize this golden opportunity by bringing a contemporary and great tasting product to market that bottles the real spirit of the Caribbean.”

The bottle, created by brand design agency B&B studio, features an evocative label design inspired by 1930s travel posters that brings a nostalgic, sophisticated Caribbean feel to the brand.

The brand takes its name from the dark spirits of Caribbean folklore known as 'duppies' - the Caribbean’s equivalent to whisky’s 'angel share'. It is said that in the dead of night, when the distillers' backs are turned, they journey between islands, stealing a share of the rum left ageing in old oak barrels. 

ABV 40%, The Duppy Share is launching exclusively into Selfridges in July 2014, available in 70cl bottles, RRP £37.99




30 June 2014 - Felicity Murray The Drinks Report, editor