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CASE STUDY: Roederer champagne cartons

Van Genechten Packaging Group provides premium packaging solutions using Sappi Algro Design white carton board.

The bubbly, premium and elegant packaging produced at VG Angoulême for the Roederer champagne have been a hit for the brand’s last three marketing campaigns.

VG Angoulême is part of Van Genechten Packaging, a leading independent folding carton producer serving the European consumer goods industry with carton board boxes, micro flute packaging and packaging systems.

Based in Angoulême, France, and employing a staff of 100, the company is dedicated to production of premium packaging for luxury goods such as perfumes and cosmetics, champagnes and premium spirits.

VG Angoulême has worked on specialised and customised packaging for Roederer champagnes for the last three years. For its most recent campaign, VG Angoulême chose Sappi's Algro Design carton board to achieve outstanding results. Algro Design’s ultra-bright white-surface stands out, does not rip or even tear with very deep and multiple embossing operations and offers a luxury look and feel. It presents an ideal surface for complex finishing processes.

Marcelle Bordas-Levazeux, key account manager for luxury goods, comments: "The Roederer champagne box design required a white background with two different hot foil stamping effects, so we needed a carton board that was extremely white and would perform well throughout the entire production process. Sappi ticked all the boxes with this outstanding premium carton board."

"Algro Design also has an extremely homogeneous surface," she adds. “This makes it an ideal carrier for high quality lamination. In addition, it really behaves very steadily on the press which makes it the perfect solution for our top-of-the-line luxury packaging goods.”

Lars Scheidweiler, Business Manager SBB Cartonboard of Sappi points out, “Any kind of surface roughness would be revealed after the lamination process and would produce a negative effect, especially for luxury packaging. With Algro Design, the film laminates evenly on the carton surface and lies flat." He adds: "As the battle for shelf appeal continues to strive, brand owners increasingly look at ways to add value to their luxurious packages. This is one of the main reasons why we can witness the growing trend in the finishing process for the use of gold, silver and other metallic hot stamping foils. We are delighted with the success of the Roederer champagne boxes. It clearly indicates how effective the results can be in getting your brand to stand out of the crowd."

Algro Design has been one of the most popular coated cellulose products for folding cartons since its launch nearly a decade ago. Many demanding consumers intuitively identify it as the ideal carrier for high quality, luxury packaging. Both Algro Design (coated on one side) and Algro Design Duo (coated symmetrically on both sides) are living proof of the fact that Sappi has brought its significant design and manufacturing expertise to the art of cellulose carton manufacturing. Algro Design impresses with its bright white surface, a very high level of UV light resistance and a silky soft and exceptionally consistent surface.

Converters using Algro Design have proven over and over that a bright white carton board with a high quality surface is the ideal material for highlighting a consistently high quality printing and finishing result. The homogeneity of the material creates a unified appearance for the package.


About Van Genechten Packaging (VGP)

VGP is an independent industrial group with headquarters in Turnhout, Belgium. It consists of 10 folding carton factories in 7 countries, leading the European consumer goods industry with printed folding cartons, microflute and other packaging solutions. With an annual turnover of €300 million, the group converts more than 200,000 tons of cardboard each year and employs 1,500 people.


About Algro Design

Algro Design from Sappi is one of the most popular coated cellulose carton brands. The product family impresses with its bright white, consistent surface, very high lightfastness and a silky soft finish available in three versions:

  • Algro Design double-coated front side and uncoated reverse side,
  • Algro Design Card double-coated front side and single-coated reverse side, as well as
  • Algro Design Duo symmetrically double-coated surface on both sides, front and reverse.

Algro Design is available in grammages from 160 to 400 g/m2, Algro Design Card from 235 to 345g/m2 and Algro Design Duo from 250 to 380g/m2. For applications with extremely high rigidity requirements, laminated versions are available based on Algro Design under the brand name Algro Duo in grammage weights of 450 to 710g/m².

7 July 2014 - Felicity Murray The Drinks Report, editor