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Copacabana 1940 rum is launched in New York

Celebrity chef Alex Garcia and restaurateur Spencer Rothschild, partners of Barrio Spirits and the legendary nightclub Copacabana in New York City, are introducing the brand to the spirits industry with the launch of Copacabana 1940 - a smooth 7 year old Añejo rum. 

The official launch takes place tomorrow, Tuesday, July 8, at the Copacabana rooftop located in Times Square. The new rum is inspired by 1940’s New York nightlife, which was when the Copacabana nightclub opened.

“After many years traveling the world to source the finest rum, I am thrilled to introduce New York to Copacabana 1940 Añejo rum.  I am so proud of the experts that we have assembled to create an Añejo rum worthy of bearing the name of the most famous nightclub and beach in the world,” says Rothschild.

The golden rum is made in one of the most important distilleries in the world, Las Cabras, located in Panama’s central province of Herrera.  Herrera is known for its abundant sugar cane fields that grow in nutrient-rich volcanic soil fed by rivers stemming from mineral-rich mountain springs. This leads to a rich, balanced, sensual rum with strong hints of citrus, and a light caramel and almond finish.

The oval-shaped bottle is made by Saver Glass from France and decorated with the iconic Carmen Miranda.

Copacabana 1940’s rich flavours also allow for it to be used expertly in the kitchen. Chef Alex Garcia, who is responsible for making popular Nuevo Latino cuisine at several New York restaurants, will be featuring the rum in a new dish, 1940 Rum Glazed Shrimp, as well as in the Show Girl cocktail, at his restaurant AG Kitchen (269 Columbus Ave, New York). Amigos (2888 Broadway, New York), another of Garcia’s restaurants, will also be serving a Copacabana 1940 signature cocktail named The Good Fella.

The launch party on July 8 begins at 6pm and is open to the public. Copacabana 1940’s two signature cocktails, The Good Fella and Show Girl will be served. The music will be curated by DJ Miguelito spinning his brand of classics with a modern twist, and feature a special dance performance by Melanie Torres’ Dance on Two Studio. The party will also be supported by Second Stage Theatre Uptown’s production of Mala Hierba written by Tanya Saracho and directed by Jerry Ruiz. The launch party will introduce club owners, restaurant owners, the spirits industry and nightlife tastemakers to Copacabana 1940 and a time of glamour and elegance.

Copacabana 1940 is available at K&D Wine and Spirits (1343 Madison Ave, New York) and Morton Williams Supermarkets (311 E 23rd St # 1, New York), as well as retail locations throughout New York starting July 8 with a RRP of US$34.99.

7 July 2014 - Felicity Murray The Drinks Report, editor