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Victor's Drinks gain Dragons Den support

Victor's Drinks is a cleverly packaged range of cider and ale kits that have been developed to be as simple as possible for consumers to make.

The product is based on bag-in-box technology, and comes ready filled with a specially formulated syrup which gives the drink its flavour. To create the drink the consumer just removes the cap (which also acts as a valve), removes the plastic seal (which keeps the syrup fresh), adds the supplied sachet of yeast and fills with 18 pints of warm water before leaving at room temperature for 10 days, following which, the drink can be poured directly into a glass. Inside the box the sugar in the syrup and the yeast combine to create the alcohol. 

The cider fcan be kept for up to 3 weeks and the longer it is left the dryer the taste becomes. The ales are also ready after 10 days. The box features a push tap for easy pouring.

The name Victor’s Drinks is derived from the word “Victory”, and is based around the personal accomplishment gained from creating your own drink.

Victor's Drinks were featured in the August 3rd episode of the BBC programme Dragon's Den. Following the investment offer, made on the programme, founders Alex Dixon (28) and Ralph Broadbent (27) have been working on a re-launch for the brand. They first launched in October 2013 with an apple cider and have now expanded the range to include elderflower cider, mixed berry cider, pale ale and dark ale. The 20 pint version retails at £24.99 and they will also be launching a 10 pint version shortly.

The ingredients are: Apple Cider - apple juice concentrate, water, natural flavourings (apple), malt extract (contains gluten); Mixed Berry Cider - apple juice concentrate, sugar, elderberry juice concentrate, strawberry juice concentrate, raspberry juice concentrate, natural flavouring (wild berry, apple, pomegranate, strawberry), malice acid (gluten-free); Elderflower Cider - apple juice concentrate, water, elderflower extract, citric acid (gluten-free); Ales - hopped barley, malt extract (barley, malted barley, water, iso-hop concentrate), contains gluten.

All varieties are approx 4.5%abv after 10 days (varies depending on conditions) and available online as well as at Firebox, Menkind, Fenwicks, QD Stores, Hawkins Bazaar and a variety of independent gift shops and garden centres.

18 August 2014 - Felicity Murray The Drinks Report, editor