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Mozart introduces new look for liqueurs range

Mozart Distillerie has produced handcrafted, premium chocolate liqueurs since 1954. The 60th anniversary celebrations have commenced with the launch of its ultra premium extension Mozart Rose Gold Chocolate Cream. Now Mozart Distillerie has introduced new primary packaging that “embraces the brand’s tradition and time-honoured production process while striving for contemporary design and superior indulgence”.

Mozart Distillerie has revised its entire chocolate liqueur and spirits range. Each liqueur is wrapped in a luxurious foil. The label assures contemporary look by ‘clean and classy’ logotypes, subtle details and premium colour coding.

For a better understanding the product names were slightly changed and adapted in clear reference to bottle’s contents.

The range comprises: Mozart Chocolate Cream (formerly Mozart Gold), the indisputable best seller; Mozart White Chocolate Vanilla Cream (formerly Mozart White); Mozart Dark Chocolate (formerly Mozart Black); and Mozart Chocolate Vodka (formerly Mozart Dry).

The taste of Mozart Chocolate liqueurs and spirits derives from the devotion and passion of the master distiller and master chocolatier, Dietmar Fadinger.

Given this versatile range of delicious chocolate spirits, Mozart Distillerie says it provides the right expression for any situation and taste preference. Mozart Distillerie’s CEO Florian F Iro points out: “In our hectic daily lives, we all understand the importance of personal quality time. Mozart liqueur is ‘chocolate worth your time’. We know that chocolate is possibly the most popular taste in the world and we capture this unique taste in a liqueur glass. With Mozart chocolate liqueurs consumers will be able to prolong a precious moment in their busy lives: moments of the highest pleasure and enjoyment. Mozart provides the best quality chocolate time-out there is. We take pride and time to produce every single bottle for over 60 years. Please, take your time to enjoy them.”

Mozart’s new packaging will be offered for all bottle sizes. Additionally a 1-litre bottle is introduced exclusively for the global travel retail channel. The new packaging will be available from September 2014 and will consecutively replace the current design.

Mozart Distillerie is producing and bottling all their products in Salzburg, Austria. Mozart Rose Gold is the ultra premium gourmet chocolate cream. Mozart Chocolate Cream, Mozart White Chocolate Vanilla Cream and Mozart Dark Chocolate have established themselves as premium chocolate liqueurs in over 50 countries across the world. Mozart Chocolate Vodka and Mozart Chocolate Bitters are pioneering innovations in the chocolate spirits category.

28 August 2014 - Felicity Murray The Drinks Report, editor