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Heineken launches BrewLock draught system

Heineken Global Duty Free has launched BrewLock, a 100% recyclable system that delivers draught beer at brewery quality to consumers onboard cruise lines and ferries.

The BrewLock system is described by Heineken as “a revolutionary new draught technology developed to let consumers enjoy their draught beer at brewery quality, at significantly reduced logistical and handling complexity”.

While standard keg systems require additional gas and regulator systems to pull beer to the tap, the BrewLock system uses a multi layered keg that relies on normal atmospheric air to squeeze the inner wall and push the beer through to the faucet. This way the system is more easy to operate and protects the beer from outside influences, leaving it untouched, ensuring the beer stays at brewery quality.

The beer in the inner lining is completely sealed in, so the consumer receives a fresh tasting, perfectly carbonated beer. As a result, the consumer experience is a perfect pour every time and one that is refreshing to the last drop.

Sean McNaughten, manager global duty free and travel retail for Heineken explains: “We’ve been working intensively to perfect a draught beer solution for our ‘sailing’ customers in our shared objective to bring the perfect serve to consumers.  Our investment in this pioneering technology is a real game changer for the industry and revolutionizes the way beer is brought to and enjoyed in the cruise and ferry sectors. As we always say the main reason for ordering a second beer is the quality of the first.”

Koos Vrijlandt, global manager cruiselines for Heineken GDF comments: “This is a one-way keg solution that brings environmental advancements: the PET keg and outer cardboard are 100% recyclable and also there is no return journey for the empty keg back to the brewery.  This brings about efficiencies in the supply chain.”

In comparison to steel kegs, BrewLock kegs are 25% lighter- and therefore safer and easier to handle, are horizontally stackable when not in use, and have a considerably smaller footprint in the cooler and storage.

The system is designed for optimal ease of use with quick keg change-over thanks to an EasyFit coupler making it simple for any trained staff member to change the keg in seconds with no mess.

Initially launched in June with Royal Caribbean International, the cruise line known for innovating vacations on land and sea, the 20L BrewLock keg will be available to other cruise and ferry operators from September, offering a breakthrough dispensing system, developed by Heineken, to bring brewery-fresh beer to the consumer.

Royal Caribbean International’s director of beverage operations Roseann Grippo adds: “Not only is the BrewLock system extremely easy to operate, it’s intuitive enough for our talented staff members to become quickly accustomed to and with no returns required the administrative burden is removed.

“We’ve had fantastic feedback from all our staff on the benefits of BrewLock. The flow from the tap is smooth and the foam produced adds to the flavour giving us a consistent quality for our guests to enjoy.”

Brands initially available for the BrewLock system are Heineken and Newcastle Brown Ale with new brands being added in 2015.

2 September 2014 - Felicity Murray The Drinks Report, editor