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Sangre de Toro wine goes back to its roots

Bodegas Torres pays tribute to Miguel Torres Carbó, the man who created its most international wine, with packaging that “emphasises authenticity and the importance of returning to one’s roots”.

During the early 1950s, Miguel Torres Carbó, part of the third generation to head Bodegas Torres, explored the vineyards in his Renault 44, searching for the region’s most prized red grapes – Garnacha and Cariñena. He wanted to make a different kind of wine that would lend expression to the authentic character of the land. This marked the beginning of Sangre de Toro, a wine with a long history first made in 1954. In celebration of the 60th anniversary of the first Sangre de Toro, Bodegas Torres is launching a new vintage with a revamped, understated and elegant look that invites consumers on a journey back to the beginning.

According to Miguel Torres Maczassek, general manager of Bodegas Torres: “We decided to revamp the design as a tribute to my grandfather for realising his dream and paving the way for the winery’s internationalisation.”

The new design is inspired by the original Sangre de Toro look; it maintains the essence of the brand of 60 years ago, but adds a modern touch. The black and white image of Miguel Torres Carbó, smiling as he leans against his Renault 44 amid the vineyards, takes consumers back to the 1950s. His words are quoted in a clean, clear typography and are evidence of a dream come true: “I dream of having the whole world know and recognise the quality of our wines.”

Sangre de Toro was Bodegas Torres’s first bottled wine. It represented a wise decision on Miguel Torres Carbó’s part and showed a firm commitment to modernity at a time when wine was mostly sold in bulk. The wine’s name is a reference to the thousand-year-old Mediterranean winegrowing tradition.  From Mesopotamia to Greece, the bull symbolised wine culture. Greek and Roman poets described the god of wine – known as Dionysus or Bacchus, respectively – as being as “powerful as a bull”. They called him the “son of the bull” and said his blood was really wine.

A landmark brand in Spain, Sangre de Toro quickly found its place in leading international markets. By the 1970s, the brand was already sold in over 50 countries on five continents. Twenty years later, the figure had doubled. Now it is sold in over 150 markets, making it the most international of all Torres wines.

The Torres surname has been related to wine for more than three centuries, when the family planted the first vines in the Penedès in 1870. 

8 September 2014 - Felicity Murray The Drinks Report, editor