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Jacquart reveals new Mosaïc packaging

In celebration of its 50th Anniversary, Champagne Jacquart is revealing a new look for its Mosaïc Collection with new packaging for its three flagship cuvees; Brut Mosaïc, Extra-Brut Mosaïc and Rosé Mosaïc.

The new design was inspired by the work of photographer Isabelle Bonjean who has gone on to create the latest Champagne Jacquart advertising visual.  The mosaïc feature brings together terroir, human talent and vintages, all three of which are embedded in Jacquart’s character.   The mosaïc represents a historic symbol relating to the house’s previous headquarters, a landmark of Reims, which were decorated with mosaïc creations dating from 1898.

Boasting new labels and gift boxes, the new Mosaïc Collection reflects Champagne Jacquart’s key house principles: audacity, elegance and passion. The new design shows the alliance between heritage and modernity and highlights the elegance and simplicity of a house that is constantly evolving. Each cuvee is represented by a different colour: taupe for Brut Mosaïc, silver for Extra-Brut Mosaïc and pink for Rosé Mosaïc. Champagne Jacquart says it is combining the world of design with a contemporary vision and reinventing the codes of luxury through a pure design.

Commenting on the new collection Laurent Reinteau, MD of Champagne Jacquart says: “We are really proud to reveal our new Mosaïc Collection; it is an exciting time for Champagne Jacquart as this new collection highlights the evolution of the brand while reflecting the key values of the house and, most importantly, the mosaïc of plots. Bold, passionate and modern, we are proudly committed to the future.”

The new Mosaïc Collection is now available in the UK from Great Western Wines.

25 September 2014 - Felicity Murray The Drinks Report, editor