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Cocktails to shake up festive trading

Bibendum Wine is predicting strong Christmas trading for spirits this year, with a heavy leaning towards gin and rum categories, due to the continued popularity of cocktails and the improving economy encouraging consumers to splash out on quality ingredients. 

In the past 12 weeks, Bibendum has seen uplift in sales ahead of the market* in its gin and rum categories. Bibendum’s gin sales were up 14% volume and 9% value and rum sales were up 5% volume and 7% value in the past quarter and it is expected that these trends will continue well into the festive season as consumers spend more on entertainment and socialising. 

The increase in sales within these categories can be attributed to the continued popularity of cocktails and cocktail bars and the rise in consumer interest in premium and local spirit products.  Bibendum has seen the number of On Trade outlets selling cocktails increase by 33% yoy with 87% of consumers saying that they would choose a cocktail on a night out.  Rum in particular, is seen as a spirit to be consumed as a cocktail ingredient with 76% of consumers surveyed claiming they regularly drink rum based cocktails.

Brenda Kelly, head of marketing at Bibendum says: “Bars and restaurants around the country are getting creative with their cocktail offerings – presentation, glassware, garnishes and the use of premium and niche ingredients are proving a hit with consumers.  Cocktail inspired events, such as London Cocktail Week, have really put cocktails back in the mind of the consumer and demand has never been higher.  The theatre and fun around cocktails is perfect for the festive season when traditionally consumers are out to treat themselves and spend more on having a good time.”

Jamie Avenell, spirits buyer for Bibendum says: “Consumer interest in premium ingredients has never been higher and the improving economy means consumers are willing to pay a bit extra for better quality and a more pleasurable experience.  Local provenance is also appealing to consumers which can be seen in sales of products from companies such as Sipsmith, William Chase and The Cambridge Distillery.”

8 October 2014 - Felicity Murray Th Drinks Report, editor