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Tincup American whiskey launches In UK

Proximo Spirits has announced the arrival of Tincup, an 84 Proof American whiskey with a bold and spicy flavour, to the UK market 

The whiskey boasts a bold and spicy flavour thanks to its unique mash bill, which is unusually high in rye (32%). The name and bottle design are an ode to Colorado and the gold rush miners who drank whiskey out of tin cups.

Masterminded by Jess Graber, Tincup is produced by mashing and fermenting corn, rye and malt for 80 hours; it is distilled twice and cut to 125 proof before being aged in charred white oak barrels and stored in 6-storey high brick rick houses. The whiskey is then cut to bottling strength (84 Proof) and bottled in Denver, Colorado.

Though technically a bourbon, Tincup is described as an American whiskey, one that is high in rye and low in malt compared to other whiskey brands.

The name Tincup comes from the old Colorado mining town of the same name (Tin Cup, CO.), while the heavily embossed sides of the bottle are inspired by the ruggedness of the Rockies and the hexagonal bottle shape designed to stop it rolling down mountain sides.

The whiskey will initially be available in the following off-trade accounts: Gerry’s, Selfridges, Fortnum & Mason, Drinks Supermarket and Specialty Drinks at an RRP of £30 before launching in the grocery sector in 2015.  TINCUP is currently available in the following on-trade accounts: Dukes Brew & Que, Happiness Forgets, Blind Pig, Bodean’s, Berners Tavern at The London Edition, Cane & Grain (Manchester), Lucky Liquor (Edinburgh).

11 October 2014 - Felicity Murray The Drinks Report, editor