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Warninks White a new chocolate & mint liqueur

William Grant & Sons' advocaat brand Warninks has added a new flavour to its range – Warninks White, a vodka liqueur with white chocolate and mint.

The launch campaign will run across off-trade markets throughout November, backed by PR, social media and advertising.

 Paul Curry, brand manager for Warninks at William Grant & Sons UK, comments: “The off-trade liqueurs and specialities market is worth almost £500m and accounts for 13.3 per cent of the spirits category. This promising growth comes as consumers become more experimental with flavour profiles, and pre-Christmas, when the core brand [advocaat] sees its sales spike, is an ideal time to launch a new, unique product that will boost sales in the off-trade.

“Consumers favour brands that stay ahead of evolving trends and white chocolate and mint is an intriguing concept. We know that as individual flavours, white chocolate and mint are hugely popular and we are confident that the combined flavours will be an attractive proposition for drinkers and shoppers. We’re expecting this launch to create the kind of excitement the grocery market needs to ensure consistent year round sales opportunities for retailers.”

The sleek bottle has been designed to create stand-out on shelf and the product targets a more contemporary audience than the traditional Warninks advocaat. And although the distinct packaging differentiates the new flavour, the values and strong identity of the Warninks brand remains. 

Owens-Illinois, the world's largest manufacturer of glass containers, designed and manufactured the bottle.

Patrick Waegemakers, segment manager beer, wine and spirits packaging at O-I Benelux says: “De Kuyper and O-I have a history of cooperation. We have produced new glass packaging for them for decades. In 2013, O-I developed the new bottle for the whole range of De Kuyper liqueurs. Due to the years that we have spent working together, we are thoroughly familiar with the traditions and values of De Kuyper, and can convert those characteristics into glass packaging."

The bottle has a fresh white look and emphasises the specifics and unique character of the product. The use of the red Warninks logo on the top of the bottle, with a silver floral decoration underneath highlights the premium qualities. Its convenience is enhanced by tapering the bottle in the middle. The result is an elegant white bottle that will attract a lot of attention on the shelves due to its unique shape and colour.

Niels Valkenburg, logistics manager at De Kuyper, tells us that the choice of glass as a packaging material was a question of quality as well as sustainability: "A quality product must be supplied in a quality container. Glass has a premium character, and is taste-neutral. It is simply the best container for a quality product like Warninks White, which was developed with passion by our artisans."

Warninks White is available in all Asda stores from 23rd October, with an RRP of £12.99.

21 October 2014 - Felicity Murray The Drinks Report, editor