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Suerte launches single barrel extra añejo

Suerte Tequila is introducing a limited-release, 100% tahona processed, five-year single barrel extra añejo tequila.

Each batch of the tequila is aged five years in its own charred American white oak whiskey barrel and given a batch number. Each barrel will only be used once, so when a batch number is depleted, the product can never be duplicated.

The first shipment, in mid October, contained fewer than 1,000 bottles over five to six barrels.

Suerte creates its tequilas from start to finish at the company’s 15,000 square-foot distillery in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico. Piñas are slow cooked for 56 hours, then 100% tahona processed. The five-year aging imparts a silky golden hue and a highly complex, full-bodied flavour highlighted by a strong oak presence and hints of cedar, vanilla, honey, and ripe cherry.

“Per strict regulations, only tequilas aged longer than three years can be classified and labelled ’extra añejo’,” says Suerte Tequila co-founder Laurence Spiewak. “At five years, the complexities of oak and agave begin to stand out significantly. The aromatics and depth of flavour are far more elaborate than in our other three 100% Tahona varieties. As agave spirits continue to grow in popularity, we will continue to age and release our products to the growing number of consumers looking for quality craft spirits.”

The 75cl, 40%abv/80-proof bottle stands out on the shelf with a custom designed, limited edition bottle featuring Suerte's ‘lucky’ diamond designed by Seattle-based tattoo artist Adam Jackson.

Bottles will be available in cases of six with a manufacturer's suggested retail price of US$110 per bottle.

Suerte’s Extra Anejo tequila is available throughout New York, Colorado, Washington DC, Maryland and Delaware.  It can be purchased through and throughout Colorado at fine spirit shops such as Argonaut, Mondo Vino and Colorado Liquor Mart (Denver) and Liquor Mart (Boulder).

It is also available at fine bars and restaurants including: Comida (Denver/Longmont), Machete Tequila and Tacos (Denver), Jimmy’s and Jimmy’s Bodega (Aspen), and Justice Snows (Aspen).

Brian Dayton of Oak and Acorn in Boulder/Denver is the first restaurateur to carry Suerte Extra Anejo, incorporating it in his ‘El Conquistador’ sweet with a kick at the end cocktail:

El Conquistador
1.5 oz Suerte XA
0.5 oz Ancho Reyes
0.75 oz Licor 43
0.5 oz Lime
0.5 oz Agave
Dash Angostura Bitters
Served in a coupe with lime wheel garnish. 

About Suerte Tequila
Boulder, Colorado-based entrepreneurs Laurence Spiewak and Lance Sokol co-founded Suerte Tequila in 2012. The brand is built out of a strong desire to offer consumers an authentic tequila while carefully pushing the boundaries of tradition for a more progressive experience. Suerte Blanco, Reposado and Añejo — and now Extra Añejo — are produced in Jalisco where Suerte’s Master Distiller Pedro Hernandez Barba uses traditional methods such as slow cooking in an horno (brick oven), a tahona 100% of the time (a giant stone wheel used to crush baked agave), gradual fermentation and double distillation.

Suerte Tequila's trio of small-batch, single estate, double distilled tequilas are available throughout the Rocky Mountain Region, California, and the New York Metro area as well as Kansas, New Jersey, Connecticut, Arkansas and Massachusetts, and online at

Suerte Blanco is handcrafted from 100% Blue Weber Agave and rested for a minimum of two months in stainless steel tanks prior to bottling. An incredibly smooth finish and pleasant herbal, citrus, and sweet notes make it perfect for sipping straight, on the rocks, or enjoying in a refreshing cocktail. 75cl, 40%abv (80 proof)

Suerte Reposado rests in charred American white oak whiskey barrels for seven months. This magnificent spirit highlights the master distiller’s craft by exhibiting a perfect balance of resting time, oak, and pure Agave. With a robust bouquet of aromas, subtle plum, butterscotch, and oak notes, Suerte Reposado should be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or in an authentic margarita. 75cl, 40% abv (80 proof)

Suerte Añejo rests in charred American white oak whiskey barrels for 24 months, twice as long as the industry standard.  The complex and full-bodied flavour has a moderate oak presence with hints of berry, chocolate and mint complementing the underlying essence of the Agave.  Recommended served in a wine glass or snifter. 75cl, 40 abv (80 proof).

4 November 2014 - Felicity Murray The Drinks Report, editor