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Relaunch of 200-year-old rose liqueur spirit

Lanique, a new liqueur spirit, is made from Attar of Rose, which is said to be, pound for pound, “worth more than gold”.

With the trend for retro cocktails continuing to thrive, Lanique, a rose liqueur spirit revived from a 200-year-old recipe, has being relaunched in the UK and South Africa by Lawrence Huggler (who acquired the brand a year ago) and will launch in the US in the new year.   

The 39%abv spirit, which is distilled in the UK where it is distributed by Love Drinks, is "made with all natural ingredients sourced from exotic locations” including Attar of Rose from the East.

Lanique can be served in a variety of ways, including with tonic, soda, or lemonade. But the signature serve is Lanique and lime over crushed ice.

In the UK, top bars are starting to stock it both as a cocktail base and modifier but also to make the signature ‘Lanique and lime’ drink. It is available in Harvey Nichols as well as several online shops including for £28.

Lanique was also the official liqueur at last night's MTV EMA Music Awards after show party where Lanique and lime will be served.

10 November 2014 - Felicity Murray The Drinks Report, editor