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Rémy Martin launches Reserve Cellar Selection

Rémy Cointreau has introduced a travel retail exclusive range called the Rémy Martin Cellar Master's Selection, which celebrates the aromatic diversity of the House’s 35 ageing cellars at the Domaine de Merpins in Cognac, France. Each cellar has its own characteristics that imbue the spirit with specific aromatic notes. These Fine Champagne cognacs come from the prestigious crus of Petite and Grande Champagne, which form the essential identity of Rémy Martin cognacs.

Rémy Martin ‘Reserve Cellar Selection’ Cellar N°28 is derived from an underground cellar which has always been the Cellar Masters’ ultimate reserve for the finest eaux-de-vie, housing the treasures with the greatest ageing potential. These eaux-de-vie benefit from the cellar’s almost constant humidity and temperature levels, which together provide perfect ageing conditions. Using mostly old casks is essential, as they confer silky notes of candied fruit to the eaux-de-vie and create a truly exceptional cognac. The Cognac is 40%abv and available now in 70cl or 1-litre sizes with additional sizes offered from April 2015.

Rémy Martin ‘Prime Cellar Selection’ Cellar N°16 is based on the eaux-de-vie of an underground particular cellar situated within the estate’s vineyards. The ageing process begins with an initial period in new casks. As the air is warmer in the upper tiers of the cellar, the interaction between the casks and the eaux-de-vie is heightened, giving rise to intense vanilla notes. The Cognac is 40%abv in 1-litre bottles with additional sizes offered from April 2015.

Matthew Hodges, global marketing director for Rémy Cointreau, told The Drinks Report that the new, bolder packaging design was chosen to differentiate the range from their products on sale in the domestic market and to build in more ‘giftability’ for the travel retail sector. The bottles within the cartons are, however, in the cognacs' familiar house styles.

The presentation is deliberately less ’glitzy’ because the Chinese are becoming more judicious about price and selection. They are looking for less blatant luxury branding – they are even removing the designer labels from fashion garments.

The cartons feature a subtle chevron design in gold foil laminate and tactile detailing via an embossed centaur icon. The use of gold, he explained, is a deliberate move away from the cognac’s usual red branding to make the range appear different in travel retail – it is a new concept with a different name and packaging for travellers looking for a gift that offers something different.

10 November 2014 - Felicity Murray The Drinks Report, editor