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Byejoe Spirit of China arrives at DFS stores

Bye Joe USA, the first company to take China’s most popular spirit, baijiu, and reinvent it for the western consumer, has announced that global travel retailer DFS Group is stocking Byejoe Red and Byejoe Dragon Fire in its San Francisco and Los Angeles airport stores.

Byejoe Spirit of China is a reinvention of the ancient Chinese spirit baijiu for the West. The original spirit is hand-crafted in China by local artisans from 100% red sorghum, then imported in small batches to the US where it undergoes a natural filtration process to deliver a round, smooth, ultra premium spirit. Byejoe is certified gluten-free and Kosher.

Byejoe is the first baijiu to introduce flavour infusions. Dragon fruit, lychee, and Szechuan hot chilies are infused with the spirit to produce Byejoe Dragon Fire.

Alberto Fariñez, travel retail manager of Bye Joe USA, says: “We are very pleased and excited to offer the international traveler a contemporary version of a very traditional spirit, and there is no better venue than in DFS stores, always bringing the best in luxury to travelers worldwide.”

Bye Joe USA describes itself as “a pioneering a modern revolution in Asian fusion mixology”. The company is headquartered in Houston, Texas with offices in Miami, Florida, and in Shanghai, China. Byejoe Spirit of China was launched during the Chinese New Year of 2013, and achieved US national distribution in 2014. Byejoe is currently available in two flavours: byejoe red (40% ABV) and Byejoe Dragon Fire (35% ABV).

Byejoe is intended to be consumed straight, in shots, and in Asian fusion inspired cocktails.


12 January 2015 - Felicity Murray The Drinks Report, editor