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Thatchers does double take on classic cider

Thatchers Cider is launching two new ciders for 2015.  Thatchers Red and Thatchers Somerset Haze are the latest apple ciders to be created by the fourth generation cider maker at Myrtle Farm, Somerset. These contemporary style ciders have been crafted to appeal to a new generation of cider lovers, each with a modern twist on a classic style cider. 

Thatchers Red is, as its name suggests, a red apple cider. Mellow, refreshing and fruity, it has a subtle, sweet dessert apple flavour, to appeal to the 18 – 24 consumers who have been introduced to cider through sweeter fruit and flavoured drinks but who now want to experience the depth of apple cider.

Thatchers’ cider makers have selected their favourite Katy apple to provide the intense red colour and soft fruitiness, while the Jonagold Red apple lends a mellow, sweet flavour. 

Thatchers Red has an abv of 4% and will be sold in a range of formats - 500ml and 330ml glass bottles and keg. Cans are also planned for the future.

Fourth generation cider maker Martin Thatcher says: “Once again our cider makers have come up with an entirely new take on a classic cider. Refreshing and sweet, Thatchers Red will appeal to those consumers who favour fruit and flavoured ciders, and who now want to begin their exploration of apple cider.

“As the only red apple cider in the category, with Thatchers Red we are continuing to innovate and celebrate what heritage cider should be about – apples.”

Thatchers’ second introduction is Thatchers Somerset Haze. A premium crafted cloudy cider, Thatchers is again taking a traditional style English cider and giving it a contemporary twist to widen its appeal to the 18 – 34 consumer.

Appealing to the new, younger cider drinker, as well as existing lovers of apple cider, Somerset Haze is crafted for laid-back, relaxed and sociable drinking occasions.

“Somerset Haze gives those drinkers who are looking for an easy drinking, cloudy cider the opportunity to experience the premium taste of Thatchers,” explains Martin Thatcher.  “Haze has the heritage of four generations of cider making behind it and we believe it will fill the gap in the market for an authentic, sweeter, lower abv premium cloudy cider.” 

Thatchers Somerset Haze (4.5%) is crafted with Discovery, Falstaff, Gala and Jonagold apples to create its crisp sweet finish. It is the juice of the Jonagold apple that brings a naturally hazy appearance to this cider.

It will be available in a range of serve formats including 500ml bottles, 440ml can, and draught.

Both Somerset Haze and Thatchers Red are now being rolled out to the on and off trades, and will be supported throughout 2015 with a programme of branded POS and merchandise, including clothing, sampling and events.

A series of new food recipes have been created to pair with the new ciders. Bini Ludlow has created special Chicken Tikka Kebab to pair with Red, while Tim Maddams has created two great outdoor eats for Somerset Haze - Pulled Chicken Burger with Hazy Ketchup, and BBQ Bacon Chop with Beetroot Slaw.

Both the new ciders have been created at Thatchers Myrtle Farm by the family-run company’s master cider makers. With over 360 acres of its own Somerset orchard, it will be undertaking a programme of a further 75 acres of planting this year. It also has a network of growers throughout the UK with whom it has established long term 25 year contracts.

29 January 2015 - Felicity Murray The Drinks Report, editor