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JDO redesigns Grand Marnier Cordon Jaune

Brand design agency JDO has been working with premium French spirits company, the house of Grand Marnier to update its Cordon Jaune triple sec variant.

Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge, the orange liqueur created from a blend of fine cognac and high quality orange essence, has changed little over the years and is internationally known.

Cordon Jaune, a clear triple sec that competes alongside the standard triple sec brands, is less well known. Its yellow-based presentation lacked the quality and premium cues that consumers expect and associate with Grand Marnier.

The creative challenge was to make Cordon Jaune the key entry point for new consumers into the Grand Marnier brand. JDO’s approach focused on considering all design elements to increase contemporary and premium cues and to build on the French elegance and Parisian flair of the brand, whilst respecting the brand’s fabulous heritage and the evolutionary nature of the brief.

The resulting design is a carefully crafted update of the Cordon Jaune bottle that adds modernity and quality while retaining the brand’s iconic and recognisable face.  The ribbon and seal have been retained as important and recognisable brand equities and the label substrate and print has been upgraded to improve quality.  Additionally, communication of the brand’s provenance, Paris, is enhanced and the key brand colourways of Cordon Jaune are optimised to increase premium cues.

Ray Smith, JDO creative director says: “The redesign of both a global and French icon was an amazing task for a UK agency to be entrusted with. We are really proud of our role to help Grand Marnier become relevant to its discerning consumer base once again.”

Isabelle Seguin, international group marketing manager at Grand Marnier, comments: “JDO took on the challenge to redesign our Cordon Jaune brand with excellent results. Grand Marnier Cordon Jaune now has a bottle design befitting its iconic status.”

5 March 2015 - Felicity Murray The Drinks Report, editor