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New ID and expanded range for UK cider brand

The UK’s largest independent cider maker, Aston Manor Cider, has rebranded its major cider brand, Frosty Jack’s.

Unveiling a fresh new look and an extended product line for the UK’s second biggest cider, Aston Manor is backing the brand with record investment prompted by the insight drawn from a major research project.

The cider maker’s best-seller is being refreshed with new variants to extend the brand, increasing consumer appeal to build sales among existing consumers and recruiting new drinkers to the range.

The expanded Frosty Jack’s products will now be available in 500ml cans. A focus on cans is identified as a major opportunity for retailers in every distribution channel.

The brand now has three different variants; the original apple cider, a golden apple cider and now also a new mixed berry flavoured fruit cider. Frosty Jack’s mixed berry will be available in a 1-litre PET bottle, the first and only fruit cider available in this format.

Released originally as a limited edition, Frosty Jack’s mixed berry created such a strong impact with independent retailers that Aston Manor Cider made the new flavour a permanent addition to the line-up in response to demand.

The golden apple cider and the mixed berry cider are 6%abv and 4%abv respectively.

Commenting on the investment in the brand, Gordon Johncox managing director says: "As the second biggest take-home cider brand, we know there is a considerable consumer franchise with Frosty Jack's.

"Total retail sales are more than £50m and the research we are sharing with retailers reveals how these considered range extensions and updated packaging will create incremental sales through making the brand more accessible with new flavours and formats.

"We know, for example, that regular consumers of the brand have a repertoire of drinks that includes amber and fruit ciders as well as wine and other categories. We also know that nearly a third of these drinkers will make extra shopping trips if their favourite brand is not available.

"All this means that from a very positive platform and with many opportunities to extend distribution these new variants will create significant sales for retailers."

In addition to a greater variety of products, the new visual identity for Frosty Jack’s has been created to increase the refreshment cues of the brand. It includes a repositioned logo, brighter colourways to improve stand out and an iceberg graphic to encourage a shared ‘frosty’ serve over ice.

9 March 2015 - Felicity Murray The Drinks Report, editor