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Luxco revitalises Rebel Yell branding

Rebel Yell Kentucky straight bourbon hopes to appeal to a new generation of bourbon drinkers with a packaging refresh and an integrated marketing effort.

“Rebel Yell has always been known for its superior taste and now we have a package that matches the quality of the liquid inside,” says Fletcher Buchman, brand manager at Luxco. “The new bottle has a more authentic bourbon feel, with a heavier base and rounder shoulders, giving this smooth wheated bourbon a more premium look.”

In addition, the brand has invested in a premium cork closure for the new bottle, along with a revitalised embossed label on high-quality stock paper, giving the product a more contemporary look. To support the brand’s re-launch, Luxco’s marketing investment behind the brand will see an increase of more than 200% for 2015.

Award-winning Rebel Yell dates back to 1849 and is known for its smooth-sipping, softer taste offering hints of honey and butter followed by warm finish with a touch of spiciness. The product is available in 750ml and 1.75L.

“We are investing in this brand and energising it for a new era of bourbon drinkers while still maintaining the rebellious spirit and original recipe,” says Buchman. “The increased marketing support will be more integrated to include digital media, retail support and the re-launch of our successful Band of Rebels loyalty program.”

Also, later this year, the brand will announce some new product innovations for Rebel Yell that will hit upon the latest trends in bourbon, Buchman adds. 

14 April 2015 - Felicity Murray The Drinks Report, editor