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Sulimar Brewery debuts can with pop-up straw

A 25cl slim can with integrated straw has arrived in the Polish market. The debut of this ‘in-can’ technology, designed to initiate consumer excitement and “chatter” when opened, is the result of a collaboration between can manufacturer Ball and  Sulimar brewery.

Featuring a self-activated straw that pops up once the tab of the can is pulled, this smartly engineered mechanism merges modern convenience with a ‘wow’ factor to the drinking experience. Laser logos, simple images and messages could also be placed on the straw creating a notable differentiator in this highly competitive marketplace.

The straw cans are being used for one of the brewer’s key drink offerings – Cornelius Grapefruit, a flavoured beer, which was previously available in bottles only. With Cornelius Grapefruit’s primary consumer base made up of women, this in-can straw is a strategic opportunity to speak to those within a market that are often not comfortable drinking out of a can. In addition, with the can’s slimmed down nature, it also caters to the global move by health-conscious men and women alike to control their portion intake.

Tomasz Janowski, general manager at Ball Packaging comments: “This can solution is convenient for parties and multiple on-the-go occasions and brings a fun element to enjoying a beverage. We anticipate that this innovation will be well received by consumers and see it as an exciting opportunity for Ball to launch this technology in a progressive market like Poland.”

Sulimar brewery played an active role in preparing for the launch by conducting extensive testing with this new packaging format. To realize its market debut, Sulimar developed a close cooperation with the Żabka chain stores to sell the cans in key regions throughout Poland.

“Cornelius Grapefruit is one of the most popular drinks among our consumers and because of this, we thought to further brand visibility by launching our product in the integrated straw cans,” says Mariusz Supady, owner of the Sulimar brewery. “We hope that the convenience and innovative character of the can, combined with Cornelius’s new graphic design, will appeal to our main target group – women, as well as the men who often convert to flavoured beers as a refreshing summertime drink.”

The Polish market limited edition launch of the Cornelius Grapefruit cans began the week of April 20. It is being supported by a national TV advertising campaign and social media engagement.

11 May 2015 - Felicity Murray The Drinks Report, editor