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Pococello follows the success of Sohocello

Grown in Amalfi and distilled in England, this month sees the launch of Pococello, a limited-edition limoncello, the fruit of an exclusive collaboration between Chase Distillery and Pizza Pilgrims.

Pococello follows the success of Sohocello last summer, when 1,000 bottles were made available only in and around London's Soho. Now, with a new name and new packaging, the product will be available across the UK.

Poco meaning “little": Pococello is best enjoyed straight-up as an ice-cold shot.

The story of Pococello began in spring 2014 – 2,000km from Pizza Pilgrims’ Soho HQ – where after scouring Italy in their Piaggio Porter van, the restaurant’s founders Thom and James Elliot say they discovered the perfect lemons for making their very own limoncello in the hills above the fabled town of Amalfi.

The lemons are packed with the essential oils that make the all difference. Hand-peeled and macerated in Chase Distillery’s 96% Hereford potato spirit for seven days, every drop of the lemon oil was extracted, giving the drink its trademark cloudiness (the first thing to look for in a premium limoncello).

The entire 2,500-bottle run, sold exclusively at bars, wine merchants and restaurants in and around Soho, was snapped up within weeks. So after a second lemon pilgrimage to Amalfi this spring, Sohocello has been reborn as Pococello – and will be available in selected retailers nationwide for the first time.

Pococello is also on sale at Harvey Nichols, Gerry’s Wines & Spirits in Old Compton St, Soho – and, of course, at Pizza Pilgrims in Dean St and Kingly Court – for £25 per 50cl bottle (ABV 29%). Instil Drinks Co has been appointed distributor for Pococello.

15 June 2015 - Felicity Murray The Drinks Report, editor