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A bourbon-Scotch fusion from Beam Suntory

Jim Beam Kentucky Dram is the latest creation from the Beam Suntory brand and is due for release in the coming weeks. Inspired by Jim Beam’s adventurous forefathers who travelled from Scotland, the new release is a fusion of premium bourbon infused with Highland Scotch whisky. This is a limited release that will drive interest in premium bourbons, which is a focus for growth in the category.

The new product is to be released exclusively in global travel retail and appear in store from July. It is made with Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey blended with a touch of peaty Highland Scotch, resulting in the time-honoured taste of Jim Beam with a hint of something new. At 40% ABV, the smoky flavour of the Scotch enriches the smooth vanilla and oaky notes of the bourbon. It is recommended to be served neat, on the rocks or in a cocktail, such as a Dram Manhattan.

Encased in a premium gift tin, Jim Beam Kentucky Dram commands standout on shelf and introduces consumers to the seven generations of Jim Beam master distillers since 1795. The packaging tells the story of T. Jeremiah Beam who took on the family business in 1943 and travelled the world, fulfilling his ambition to bring a taste of home to Americans stationed abroad, transforming the brand forever.

Beam Suntory’s marketing director, Michael Cockram says: “We are committed to inspiring consumers to discover the rich history of Jim Beam, the #1 bourbon in the world. Jim Beam Kentucky Dram celebrates Jim Beam’s globetrotting heritage, honouring in particular its Scottish ancestry.

“Bourbon is growing at a phenomenal rate across the globe and with our retail partners we are committed to building the category, focusing on premiumisation, enhancing the shopping experience and educating drinkers on bourbon’s heritage.

“The launch of this product will provide not only something unique for consumers in travel retail, but also elevate bourbon by inviting consumers who already enjoy it to explore the category at a higher level.”

Beam Suntory has one of the largest whisk(e)y portfolios globally, comprising leading brands across bourbon, Japanese, Irish and Canadian whiskies and Scottish malts and blends.

15 June 2015 - Rebecca Sterritt Paragraph Publishing, content manager