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Rosé brand Mateus updates its image

The instantly recognisable flask-shaped bottle of Mateus Rosé is to be given a more modern look, with the switch to clear glass from this summer.

Designed to show off its pink colour and fresh style, the new clear glass Mateus bottle is intended to attract modern UK Rosé drinkers who, according to research carried out by the brand owners Sogrape Vinhos in January this year, have a preference for purchasing Rosé wine in clear glass.

When it originally launched in 1942, Mateus pioneered a completely new, slightly sparkling, fresh Rosé style and packaged it in an original and innovative bottle. It rapidly became a leading international wine brand. 73 years later, the same unique bottle shape will continue as a key part of the Mateus identity, changing only in colour from green to clear glass.

Over the last 18 months the new clear glass bottle has been tested for consumer acceptance by introducing it in Poland, Canada, Japan and Germany. Preliminary results from these markets indicate on average 15% increase in sales as a result. Now the transition from green to clear glass will be rolled out in all markets, including from this month, in the UK.

In a move to reassure loyal Mateus fans that the wine itself is not changing, Mateus green bottles are currently appearing on shelf with a neck tag informing consumers of the imminent change and the initial shipments in clear glass will also include a neck tag. A full range of point of sale materials has also been developed to enhance visibility on shelf.

A digital marketing programme for Mateus will launch in tandem with the glass colour change, including a new website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with specific UK executions.

Sogrape UK’s MD Matt Douglas comments: “The new clear glass bottle for Mateus Rosé is a great development, allowing consumers to see the distinctive light pink colour of the wine and giving an overall fresher look to its presentation. For 73 years Mateus has been in-tune with consumers’ tastes and that has been a key to its lasting international success. Along with taste, we recognise that modern wine consumers are interested in the colour of their preferred Rosé and we want to give them what they want.”

25 June 2015 - Felicity Murray The Drinks Report, editor